Volunteering Amongst African Tribes

African Tribes: Volunteer abroad opportunities are available amongst various tribes in Africa such as Maasai and other native tribes. Volunteering in Africa will give you cross cultural experience.

The projects we support include volunteer programs for Aids in Africa, water projects, health, campaign against female genital mutilation as well as educational projects in African villages.

The volunteer projects help the local people live a longer, healthier life. The impact of volunteering in our programs is immeasurable.

Consider volunteering overseas amongst African communities in need. Volunteers can work as teachers, doctors, nurses, dieticians, lab technologists or just about anything that you can imagine.

Our projects cover both rural areas and urban slum areas. Amongst Africa tribes that volunteers can spend time with are the Pokot, Samburu, Masai (Kenya and Tanzania), Turkana, Ogiek, Orma, Oromo, Pokomo. Experience African culture by spending time in one of our programs!

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