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You may need student loans to enable you start or complete your university studies.

Below are US based loan companies with preferential rates for students.

  • Student GATE Loan Program - USA
  • Student Global Loan Corporation (GSLC)
  • International Loan Program for Students

    If you find college too expensive and have difficulty paying for it, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your student adviser or tutor and find out which options are open for you.

    A number of universities have funds set aside for all students experiencing financial difficulties.

    Some have emergency funds set aside for food and sustenance in case your sponsors fail to remit funds on time.

    If you are unable to obtain funds from the university, you can get a loan from various financial institutions. This can be a regular loan or a student loan.

    A student loan will often have terms that are more favourable but may be more difficult to obtain as an international student.

    Students in the US will need a valid social security card to get a loan.

    Banks in the UK will normally extend an overdraft to students at no interest (0% APR). You need to have a student account to get the 0% overdraft.

    Call the bank after your account has been open for more than two months and ask for a £1000 overdraft.

    You need to have a reason for asking the overdraft as well as the duration you need the overdraft. Ask for one year and arrange to pay the money during that period, otherwise ask for an extension.

  • Student Loans Consolidation Program

  • Student Credit Cards

  • Payday Loan - Cash Advance Loans - Loans Till Payday

  • Alternatives to Payday Loans

  • Loans and Grants for Small and Big Business

    Find and apply for a private loans that are best for you. Get helpful information on how to pay for college and graduate school and discover offers for reward credit cards, online banking, home loans, loans for students and personal loans.

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