World Creative Youth Forum Conference (WCYF)

May 5-10,

Baliuag, Bulacan PHILIPPINES

WCYF is Education for Sustainable Development with the following sub themes:

  • Peace and Human Rights – in depth discussion and skills sharing on effective approaches towards peace and human rights education, as well as assessment of current situations.

  • Climate Change - promote awareness and instill action towards supporting ways to lessen the effects and causes of climate change.

  • Sustainable Lifestyle - promote how important is individual action in sustainable development and how our actions affects others and the world.

  • Entrepreneurship - creating jobs by utilizing one's own capabilities and potential

  • Education and Technology - integrating Technology in teaching as powerful tool in creating learning bridges

  • Advocacy for Sustainable Development - building skills and knowledge on how to effectively influence and/or enforce policies to reflect genuine sustainable development.


  • Youth leader in school or out of school, professional or civic group volunteer

  • Minimum of 18 to not older than 35 years old during the date of the event

  • Must be willing to commit beyond the duration of the event

  • Could interact using English language

  • An agent of positive change in his own sphere of influence

  • Has respect to diversity in culture, religion and ethinicity.

    Registration Fee:
    Participants will be required to pay a very minimal registration fee:

  • US$25 for International Participants

    These fees are symbolic fees only in order to encourage self participation and contribution which is one of the spirits of sustainable activities and events.

    For more information and application forms, see: World Creative Youth Forum Conference - WCYF Website

  • Scholarship 2018/19

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    Masters Scholarships,
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