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The IAHPC Traveling Fellowship program was started in 1999 and is designed to provide support to palliative care leaders who are invited to developing countries.

The achievements of the IAHPC Traveling Fellows have been truly remarkable and were able to produce observable improvements in the teaching and delivery of palliative care.

Through the Traveling Fellowship Program, IAHPC is making a significant difference to the development of palliative care in the developing world.

IAHPC has supported Traveling Fellows to countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

In order to apply for a TF grant, the following criteria must be met:

  • Applications should not be just to give a presentation in a conference, symposium or congress.
  • The visit may include such a presentation, but should also include hands-on teaching with palliative care workers in the host institution/country and a significant involvement in providing support to the locals in achieving goals.
  • The program is designed to support not only medical doctors,applicants from other disciplines working in palliative care are welcomed.
  • Applicants to this program should be 100% dedicated to palliative care, have extensive experience working in the field and be recognized leaders in the discipline they work in.
  • Leadership in the field may be represented as having hold or holding academic positions, leading or directorship positions, number of publications and other achievements.
  • The TF application requires both the applicant and somebody from the host institution to be active members of IAHPC.
  • Applications have two parts: one should be submitted by the applicant and another by the host institution.
  • If the grant is awarded, the applicant is asked to sign an indemnity agreement before the transfer of funds can be made. Applications should be submitted at least 3 months in advance of the expected dates of travel.

    For more fellowship information and application, see: The IAHPC Traveling Fellowship Program Website
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