Student Loan Consolidation Program

Student Loan Consolidation - Consolidate Private Student Loans

The Student Loan Consolidation Program enables US based students with more than $8,000 in outstanding student loans to reduce monthly student loan repayments and get a low fixed interest rate.

Student loan consolidation is a very practical way to repay your student loans and put your finances in order.

A consolidation loan puts together all your student loans into one loan, hence reducing your monthly payment.

Consolidating your student loans can reduce your monthly payment up to 60%. Student loan consolidation simplifies your finances by enabling you to make a single payment per month.

You could then save hundreds of dollars each and every month.

There is student loan consolidation service available in all states. It is easier to get student loan consolidation services for Federal government student loans than private loans.

Private student loans are dispensed by private institutions. The most common are Citibank student loans and the Sallie Mae student loans.

They charge a higher interest rate than the federal loans.

Federal student loan consolidation should be done before private student loan consolidation.

Debt consolidation works well. However other ways to sort out your student loans include obtaining student grants and scholarships.

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