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The OECD periodically accepts graduate students whose area of study is directly related to the OECD's work programme as unpaid trainees.

Acceptance to a specific office occurs on a need basis, subject to fluctuation from year to year.

Beyond need, the OECD also strives to match candidate profiles while maintaining an equal representation of Member countries.

The most commonly accepted candidates have a strong economic background and are currently enrolled in University.

International experience and languages, English and French in particular, also help while working in an international organisation such as the OECD.

If you wish to apply for a traineeship, please consult the vacancy notice which is only on out site the first quarter of each year and apply on line and attach your CV/cover letter in a Word or text-file document.

If you have questions or doubts in this respect, please feel free to contact us:


If you are interested in applying for some of these positions, please register. Please note that the Organisation only accepts applications submitted through the site provided below.

For additional information regarding application details, see; OECD Internships
More; International Internships » Internships for Students » Graduate Internships

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