NACOFA Internship

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The National Alliance of Community Forests Associations (NACOFA) is an umbrella, network or alliance of Community Forest Associations (CFAs) in Kenya, with a membership of over 100 CFAs spread across Kenya.

There are 150 forest stations in Kenya and each forest station is expected to have one CFA.

The network started, with the key aim to adopt a common approach to Participatory Forest Management (PFM) as stipulated in the new forest Act 2005.

The networks links CFAs to each other, and to NGOs and research institutions at the national and international level, thereby promoting improved access to information, sharing of experiences and joint action on issues of common interest.

The network seeks to enable FACs to exploit forest resources and equitably share the benefits of conservation and sustainable natural resource management, through a pro-poor approach, emphasizing the interests and rights of poorer households and other marginalized groups within the community, notably women.

Call for internship

NACOFA wishes to collaborate with interns and students from local and international students who wish to carry out studies in any of the following areas

  • Forest inventory data that would aid in development of management plans for any forest in Kenya.
  • Socio-economic data regarding the FACs in any of the forest blocks of Kenya
  • Vegetation monitoring e.g. using remote sensing techniques to facilitate identification of trends in forest vegetation against changing land use patterns in any forest block of Kenya
  • Investigating potential nature based enterprises in any of the forest blocks of Kenya.
  • Development of appropriate community management structures that would help the FACs and CFAs sustainably manage their forest resources.

    NACOFA would encourage linkages with research institutions.

    For more information, contact:

    Dr. Mwangi James Kinyanjui
    The National coordinator.

  • Scholarship 2017/18

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    Masters Scholarships,
    PhD Scholarships,
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