Emigrate to Scotland

Emigrate to Scotland; Are you tired of having to look for a reason to renew your visa every time its due to expire?

Do you want to leave your country and stay in far away land where renewing your visa will be easy?

Then, you should consider emigrating to Scotland.

Since 2005 any non-EU student graduating from a Scottish higher or further education institute with an Higher National Diploma, degree, masters or PHD is eligible to apply for leave to remain for up to two years without requiring a work permit.

The Scottish Executive's Fresh Talent initiative encourages people to consider living and working in Scotland.

It was formally introduced by a statement in the Scottish Parliament by First Minister Jack McConnell on February 25, 2004.

He laid out the actions to be taken to address Scotland's population decline and support Scotland's continuing economic prosperity.

Scotland, a country of some five million people, is therefore actively seeking a flow of Fresh Talent to flourish alongside native-born Scots and secure its place as an essential part of the global economy.

International students are a key target of the Executive's Fresh Talent policy, which aims to attract and retain bright, motivated and hard-working people to live, work and study in Scotland to support economic growth.

Scotland's population is falling. It is declining at a faster rate than anywhere else in Europe. This decline, coupled with a significant shift Scotland's age profile is making a serious problem even worse.

Scotland's universities and colleges are first-class, with a global reputation for excellence in research and teaching. An increasing number of international students are choosing to study in Scotland.

The Scottish Executive is actively encouraging some of the 50,000 non-Scots who study in Scotland each year to stay on after they graduate and help boost the economy.

Seriously consider studying in Scotland. It will be easier to remain there and work than anywhere else!

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