VSF - Suisse Terms of Reference for External Audit Jobs in Ethiopia

VSF - Suisse Terms of Reference for External Audit Jobs in Ethiopia


  • Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (VSF-Suisse) is a politically and religiously neutral humanitarian organization with its head office in Berne.

  • VSF-Suisse fights hunger, poverty, destitution, and illness for the benefit of those populations who depend on livestock for their livelihood. VSF-Suisse works both in humanitarian aid and in long-term development in seven countries of West and East Africa.

    Overall principles of the procedures to be performed

    The auditor is required to plan, execute, and report on the financial audit engagement in order to conclude on the following matter:

    Principles of orderliness (financial regularity/reporting)

  • Furthermore, the auditor is required to assess whether the partner has adequate policies and procedures in place relating to the following matters (those matters are not covered by the audit engagement in accordance with ISA as mentioned above):

  • Existence, adequacy, and effectiveness of the Internal Control System (ICS)

  • Conformity with the project objectives and adherence to the contract conditions

  • Economical conduct of business and effective use of financial resources

  • In order to respect these principles, the auditor has to analyses the questions mentioned in the annexed Questionnaire (Annex 1). While item 2.1 will be reflected in the audit report prepared in accordance with ISA, items 2.2 to 2.4 will be reflected by the
    answers of the auditor to the Questionnaire in the Annex 1. Recommendations to the management shall be formulated according to Annex 2 (Management Letter).

    Documents of Reference

  • The following documents and matters are to be considered by the auditor as basic references for performing the financial audit

    Planning the financial audit

  • The auditor shall adequately plan the financial audit engagement well in advance of the work and ensure the execution of the financial audit of highest professional quality in an economical and efficient manner as agreed upon in the respective mandate in the name of the partner and the auditor.

    On the basis of the information received during the planning phase, including the auditor’s risk assessment, the auditor shall determine:

  • the type of transactions to be audited and the audit methods (full audit or sample selections);

  • the type of physical counts or examination and the sites to be selected.

  • the number of site visits to be planned.

  • The auditor ensures continuity in the audit approach of the financial audit engagement and the audit team, even if there is a change in the leader of the engagement team from the prior year

    How to Apply

  • Office Address,

    Vétérinaires Sans Frontières – Switzerland (VSF-Suisse)

    Ethiopia Country Office

    P.O Box 23434 – 1000

    Yeka Sub-City, Woreda 7, House no. 748,

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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