U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam PHS – Laboratory Advisor - Lab Branch Chief Jobs in Tanzania

U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam PHS – Laboratory Advisor - Lab Branch Chief Jobs in Tanzania

VA Number – DaresSalaam-2019-025-RA

Program Management 70%

Job holder is the principal public health technical analyst and advisor to the CDC Tanzania
Country Director in developing and formulating new laboratory programs and initiatives that are
in accord with PEPFAR public health program goals, objectives, and policies.

This includes
leading strategic planning, project development and drafting of the branch -specific agency input
into the technical areas of the Country Operational Plan (COP) for PEPFAR.

Job holder is
responsible for the determining and oversight of annual budget of approximately $12 million
planning for future years in terms of equipment and supplies.

Incumbent serves as a public health expert technical advisor for the development,
and monitoring of USG-supported HIV/AIDS laboratory activities by taking the lead role in
laboratory initiatives such as Institute and monitor internal and external quality assurance
systems at several HIV testing laboratories; Evaluate new virology technologies and platforms
such as HIV viral load and Early Infant diagnosis;

Ensure access to high quality laboratory
diagnostics and services by strengthening integrated laboratory networks to meet PEPFAR
goals for prevention, treatment, and care of HIV-infected persons through a sustainable
approach; Maintain international accreditation standards for reference laboratories and support
technology transfer to the MOH;

Apply high level technical expertise on producing insightful
analyses of laboratory, epidemiologic, and surveillance implementation and monitoring data.

Job holder is the key technical advisor to the host country Ministry of Health, partners and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the implementation of laboratory programs and activities
through one or more PEPFAR grants/cooperative agreements and contracts, as well as
partners funded by the government or Global Fund as indicated.

Job holder oversees laboratory
diagnostic testing in research and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, STD, TB, malaria and emerging
diseases through PEPFAR and other CDC supported activities in the Ministry of Health and
Social Welfare (MOHSW)
The primary work of the branch is to implement, monitor and evaluate laboratory systems and
services that are carried out by CDC Tanzania staff or by cooperating/implementing partners in
order to directly improve laboratory services and prevent illness and death.

Determines the
appropriate diagnostic laboratory procedures and ensures laboratory employee safety though
the development of laboratory safety manual, and enforcement of universal safety precautions,
including proper use of personal protective equipment.

This requires close cooperation with the
Tanzania Ministry of Health, implementing and/or cooperative agreement partners, facilitation
during implementation, frequent monitoring and, evaluating partner performance against desired
results that are in accordance with standard guidelines and protocols.

Oversees and guides
MOHSW in developing and implementing quality assurance program for all laboratory activities
including, but not limited to, reviewing quality assurance data from all laboratory sections,
validation of test methods and development of standard operating procedures.

Serves as program lead and primary point of contact for CDC/MOH laboratory diagnosis
cooperative agreements, and as activity manager for Treatment partner laboratory activities.

Job holder ensures that program requirements of the grants, contracts and/or cooperative
agreement are correctly followed and according to USG and international HIV/AIDS program
standards for laboratory services.

Independently or in coordination with other experts, the job
holder prepares and presents comprehensive program reviews to include recommendations on
curtailing or expanding programs and program effectiveness.

Coordinates and participates in
technical reviews of partner project submissions and funding allocation during the review and
development process.

Serves as principal advisor to the Country Director
in the preparation of
technical analysis/assessments to identify areas for technical support and improved

Once grants, contracts and/or cooperative agreements are in place,
participates with partners in the development of work plans for implementation of activities.
holder meets with team members in the section, reviewing progress by tracking of milestones
and concrete progress on laboratory implementation activities, identifying potential issues
before they become problems, and informing the Country Director.

When funding issues,
reporting lapses or other administrative irregularities are identified, job holder works with Project
Officer and Cooperative Agreement Specialist in charge of the specific project and recommends
solutions to the Country Director, Deputy Director and the Administrative Management
(extramural) team to correct deficiencies.

Job holder reviews documents required for payment,
change of activities, requests for continuations, and supplemental awards and makes
recommendations to the relevant project officer for approval or non-approval.

As the primary public health technical liaison, job holder is a key source for keeping host
government public health contacts and non-governmental health program counterparts informed
about new PEPFAR initiatives, policies and procedures aimed at strengthening laboratory
systems in Tanzania.

Job holder provides timely technical updates that are useful to partners
and counterparts and serves as a programmatic resource in the design and development of
quality assurance measures for laboratory systems.

Administrative Management 15%

Job holder is responsible for the day-to-day management of the work of the branch. This
includes direct supervision of branch staff, which includes five public health specialists (three
lab, one blood and one AI specialist).

Job holder develops orientation/training programs for new
employees to ensure consistency of application of grants, contracts and implementing
agreement procedures.

Position delivers training and briefings to new employees, coaches,
formally evaluates and monitors progress.
Job holder is responsible for operational management of the branch.

This includes budget
monitoring, facilities and equipment assessments and purchase recommendations, and reallocation of office staff to meet peak demand in order to ensure that program goals and
objectives are met.

As a key member of CDC Tanzania senior staff, incumbent works closely
with the Deputy Director and the Management and Operations Team to ensure consistency of
human resources management (recruitment in-hire rates, leave policies, training opportunities,
etc.) across PEPFAR programs.

Job holder proposes to the Country Director and Deputy
Director an annual travel plan that targets specific objectives of the team/branch.
collects data and prepares the technical assistance requests to be sent to US Embassy
PEPFAR Team and develops scopes of work as needed for the requests.
Interagency Coordination 15%

Incumbent represents CDC-Tanzania Laboratory Branch at technical, policy and strategic
planning meetings, including meetings with collaborators and donor agencies.

Sits on
numerous ad hoc PEPFAR working groups; in turn, serves as rotating chair or chair of interagency PEPFAR working groups to ensure coordination of work plan development,
implementation strategies, and evaluation plans for all CDC care and treatment activities in

Job holder communicates to supervisor and colleagues, both orally and in writing,
the recommendations and results of meetings.
For specific CDC-Tanzania programs, job holder serves as the primary liaison between the incountry technical working group (TWG) on laboratory issues and the HQ-based TWGs.

on the close working relationship with implementing partners, job holder provides technical
advice and guidance to headquarters and other agency country teams.
Job holder will perform other related duties as assigned.

U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam PHS – Laboratory Advisor - Lab Branch Chief Jobs in Tanzania

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