United of Africa

by Bineta Diouf
(New York, NY, USA)

In my opinion as an African, the first thing we need to do is love one another. We have to stop killing each other because we are from different tribes ,religions or even color.

If a president doesn't satisfy our needs there are many ways other than war to change things. We have to know that we are the one (population) who are going to suffer after. We are our own enmy. We have to develop our selfsteem , our African pride.

I am a student at Bronx Community College, New York. There is a lot African students here but I can not tell you how weird they act towards each other. They look down on one another. It is like they are ashamed of where they come from or if they were in constant danger of being moked if people know they are from Africa.

For the Western countries if they want to help Africa the first thing they need to do is to stop sending a negative image of it. The only thing they talk about Africa is diseases that makes people scared to go there. Lets look at the case of Darfur there is no doubt that the powerful nations don't want to do anything about it.

They are going to wait until its late, millions of people will be killed just like Rwanda or Sierra Leone. For now let them fight that is in the interest of China and Russia. The question about how we can help Africa is simple: get to know it, accept differences and may be try to love it, why not?

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