UNICEF International Individual Contractor – Youth Policy - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Jobs in Ghana

UNICEF International Individual Contractor – Youth Policy - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Jobs in Ghana

Purpose and Objectives

  • The overall purpose of the contract is to strengthen the contribution of UNICEF to youth policy, employability and entrepreneurship in Ghana and to accelerate the development, management and implementation of partnerships and with key stakeholders that leverage political and economic support for results for young people through the GenU and DGA initiatives.

  • The contractor will serve as a focal point and resource for UNICEF on second decade programming, and specifically on youth policy, employability and entrepreneurship (GenU) and DPGs.

    Specific Tasks

  • Under the supervision of the UNICEF Deputy Representative, and in close collaboration with relevant UNICEF staff, the contractor will i) advance institutional policy support to national youth policy and entrepreneurship initiatives aligned with the GenU initiative, ii) seek and promote new strategic, shared value partnerships to advance GenU and DPGs iii) engage in both financial and non-financial resource leverage opportunities in the technology sector. Specifically, the contractor:

  • Provides day-to-day coordination on 2nd decade programming including GenU and technical support to all work on youth policy and youth employability and entrepreneurship across the country office and within the scope of GenU and DPG initiatives and ensures that they are strongly grounded in the experience and insights of the programmes that UNICEF’s supports.
    Supports engagement in policy advocacy and respective institutional support. Monitors trends in in partners’ respective policies, systems and actions around youth. Ensures that UNICEF’s interests, perspectives, and knowledge on young people are considered in relevant youth policy advocacy. Engages with development partners, UN agencies and the business sector on relevant youth initiatives and policy advocacy. Supports and contributes to improved co-ordination among development partners and government activities around youth policy and programmes. Attends relevant meetings of strategic partners, to influence GenU-relevant priorities, initiatives and resources, including through the UN Youth Group.

  • Maintains and expands UNICEF’s network and relationships with the business sector, including the technology sector, and other relevant constituencies around GenU.

  • Supports the advancement of a national investment agenda for young people through GenU, mobilizing young people and relevant stakeholders to play leadership roles within a coordination/steering committee and to facilitate their contribution to shaping the national investment agenda for young people.

  • Identifies 2-3 relevant existing DPGs from that could be leveraged for country programme priorities such as remote learning, connectivity, financial services, and digital skills.

  • Engages with the entrepreneurship ecosystem with technical assistance to increase the startup portfolio and the pool of DPG candidates through the UNICEF StartUp Lab.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the supervisor, as needed.


  • Regular stakeholder meetings and youth consultations on GenU and related youth policies and strategies conducted and documented.

  • Finalized institutional landscape analysis on youth-focused polices, programmes and enablers drawing on multiple sources of evidence.

  • Finalized Programme Strategy Note on second decade programming, incorporating current and emerging focus areas, and considering equity, including and gender-equality principles.

  • Timely and appropriate support to coordination of 2nd decade relevant activities within UNICEF and contribution to related coordination systems across the UN in Ghana.

  • Timely and appropriate technical assistance provided, including for research, youth skills, entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Periodic consultations held with key DPs in support of GenU to coordinate investments in young people.

  • Engagement with key business sector stakeholders undertaken periodically, including with young people, to initiate and co-create the investment agenda for young people and a National Roadmap.

  • Identification of a national investment portfolio for young people supported, including potential PPPs to advance scalable solutions. In accordance with an agreed timetable, to be facilitated.

  • Support proved to establish a national monitoring framework to track implementation of investment in young people and against key GenU-aligned indicators on education & training, employment, entrepreneurship, equity and engagement.

  • Support provided to convene a
    functioning coordination/ steering committee in coordination with Government, UN RC, UN Youth Group and other stakeholders.

  • Assessment of priority needs for DPGs in programme, such as Health, Education, Child Protection etc. Needs would necessarily relate to programme results accelerators.

  • A comprehensive list of DPGs/DPG candidates is developed and matched with the priority programme needs identified.

  • Participation in Communities of Practice in vetting DPGs.

  • Coordinated and facilitated regular opportunities for related engagement, and document and compile key expertise provided.

  • Ghana’s DPG experience shared with DPGA and other pathfinder countries undertaking similar initiatives.

  • Regular engagement events for private investors and public donors to build interest in DPGs organised and implemented

  • Review of the current and previous engagements between UNICEF and MEST (and other related partners and prospects) and propose a modified scope of engagement to enhance the creation of DPGs locally, including through a specialized startup support programme.

  • Promote the UNICEF Venture Fund locally to improve the number and quality of submissions.

  • Analyze similar partnerships such as the MENA Accelerator, as well as the Fintech Accelerator in partnership with ING and utilize the tools/ curricula created to strengthen the partnership with MEST and other Entrepreneurship Support Organisations.

  • Provide ongoing support to the alumni and portfolio companies of the UNICEF StartUp Lab, including to promote opportunities for their engagement on DPGs.

  • Day-to-day operations of the UNICEF StartUp Lab managed.

  • Review the pathfinder support model components and provide feedback and recommendations for improvements.

  • Document all activities undertaken within the pathfinding scope, capture stakeholders’ feedback and generate lessons learnt

  • Further deliverables related to production and dissemination of investment cases, proposals and engagement materials will be elaborated and agreed

  • Monthly activity reports of work undertaken and progress, including the analysis of various approaches employed. The record will be supported by electronic and hardcopy documents, stored centrally.

    Supervision, reporting arrangements, payment and payment schedule

  • The contractor will be supervised by the Deputy Representative.

  • The contractor shall receive a monthly payment upon satisfactory submission of monthly deliverables as agreed with the supervisor. Monthly payment shall be a negotiated lumpsum.

  • 1 Open source software, open data, open AI models, open standards and open content that adhere to privacy and other applicable best practices.

  • 2 Pathfinder countries pilot initiatives that aim at a) meeting demand for DPGs; b) supporting supply/creation/strengthening of DPGs; c) supporting the related policy environment and d) supporting entrepreneurship ecosystem for DPGs.

    To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

  • An Advanced university degree in international development, public affairs, public administration, international relations, political science, social policy, communication, business administration and management or another related field.

  • At least five (5) years of progressively responsible professional experience is required, preferably in policy and strategy development, partnership building, an/ or entrepreneurship support.

  • Proven experience in effectively engaging partnerships and a track record working with the business sector. Experience in technology related partnerships and engagements, with entrepreneurship ecosystems and in the social impact space is an asset. Knowledge of the landscape for Ghanaian startup ecosystem in the technology sector is also an asset.

  • Demonstrated strategic, planning, communication and research experience. Fluency in English is required along with very strong writing and editing skills. Candidates may be asked to provide writing samples such as publications and/ or policy briefs.

  • Demonstrated ability to plan and implement projects in coordination with multiple stakeholders. Adept at turning complex projects and concepts into easy-to-understand, accessible content.

  • Familiarity with emerging technology areas is a strong asset, including solid understanding of the role technology plays in the development and humanitarian sectors. Experience and familiarity with grant and seed funding approaches, including loans and other relevant financial instruments.

    How to Apply

  • For more information and job application details, see; UNICEF International Individual Contractor – Youth Policy - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Jobs in Ghana

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