Undergraduate Scholarships in UK

by Vambe

I am a Zimbabwean lady who has just completed her A level in sciences. I would like to find out if there are any scholarships for engineering in the UK which I can find before I get a place at the universities. I had 14 point, thus A(5 POINTS) for Mathematics and Physics and B(4 points)in Chemistry. What should I do? Do you first find the university place or you find the scholarship first?


Your options for undergraduate full scholarships in UK are limited unless you have all As. You will get partial scholarships if you apply correctly.

For undergraduate study in UK, you mostly have to apply first before you know if you got a scholarship.


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by: jeredie

I am surprised that i always contact this page for funding my tertiary education but sadly I never got a help.is it that i consulted the wrong page?wrong address?please help.

over the past 10 years i have been looking for funds but this world financial crisis seem not to open a tin for my rescue.But i believe many people have been helped through this way ,now my request is to appeal to you to get a student support.

moreover,many scholarships are designed for students from Europe,America,Africa,but even though I have never came across the sources for Burundian becsuse most time they state this "is designed for South African Student,Nigerian,kenyan,
Please I need scholraships information fro Burundian students.

PhD Animal breeding
by: Ziyadulla

My name is Ziyadulla. Present time I am work at the Uzbek research institute of livestock breeding. I have MSc Animal Breeding.

I want to study on the Scholarship PhD program to Australia.


That is not correct, what about ordinary students? especially those who are in poor non-developed countries, especially in Africa! where there are no proper or conducive environments for studies, no water, no fuels students they have to go for miles to collect water and firewood for the family use especially girls, no lights for night studies, no foods to eat properly balanced meals, no teachers, no books, no laboratories and many things of that types are not there and then you expect them to get all As in their subjects! how? That is utterly and completely wrong, the world must just simply help these poor people if we want a world of peace and tranquillity. Or maybe simply because we are black Africans that is why we are treated like that with dream eligibilities for scholarship! I know they will play a card of tax payers money funding these scholarships so they have to selected most talented children, that is a wrong policy all together as it is impossible for all human-beings being extra ordinary people. For me it is better not even giving those scholarships at all if that is the way they want their money to go as it will create classes in our continent, sometimes they include years, how somebody is old! in Africa where people start schooling late due to poverty, aaaa ghosh stop it. I have seen many people from other continent getting scholarships without those magic As, and even they don't speak English.


I wish it was different Edward but we all know that even the Japanese and Chinese scholarships go to A students.

To make it worse, students from Zimbabwe are currently not being considered for many scholarships that other Africans get.

It is an unfair policy but it is a policy all the same.


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