UN Epidemiologist/Data Manager Jobs in South Sudan

Epidemiologist/Data Manager

The incumbent will provide technical support to SSGWEP related to data collection, editing, processing, reporting, and analysis.

In this regard the incumbent will assist the SSGWEP, specifically the Data team, The Secretariat, and Technical Advisors/Program Officers.

The purpose of this position is to increase internal analytical capacity of the SSGWEP, ensure the integrity of the data and of analyses, and to increase the capacity of the program’s Data Management Team.

The incumbent will work under the general direction of The Director of the SSGWEP, and will be directly supervised by the Carter Center’s Country Representative (CR).

All changes to current SSGWEP data analyses must be made in consultation with The Secretariat with approval from The SSGWEP Director.

The Epidemiologist/Data Manager is a supervisory position to the Data Team and should provide direct support and training for the Data Team.

As such, the incumbent will provide technical support to the management of the data team.

Human Resource Management & Supervision

  • Supervise and monitor the SSGWEP data management systems by providing direct, day-to-day monitoring, management, and oversight of the same.
  • Serve as direct supervisor for all SSGWEP data staff.3.Directly supervise the SSGWEP data team to ensure fulfilment of their terms of reference including the following:
  • All field reports are received by the 15th of the following month; any missing reports must be communicated to the appropriate sub-office and the CR by the 16th of that month.
  • All field reports are scrutinized and all errors are corrected prior to entry into the appropriate database. All errors requiring clarification from a sub-office must be communicated to that sub-office and CR by the 25th of that month.
  • Using the appropriate computer software (e.g. Microsoft Excel), entry of all data is made in a timely manner and accurately reflects report hard copies.

    Directly supervise the data team to ensure the following:

  • As part of the monthly provisional SSGWEP analysis, he/she accurately analyzes reporting rates separately for village under active surveillance, year-to-date demographics analysis. Analyses must be completed by the 20th of the following month.
  • He/she tracks the status of all case containment centers (CCCs) by month, including the number of patients/suspects admitted, the number of patients contained at each CCC, the number of cases for the catchment area, the proportion of admitted cases/suspects that were contained at the CCC.
  • He/she keeps accurate record of GPS points for all villages under active surveillance (VAS), all sub-office, sub-stores, and for all case containment centers operated by the SSGWEP.
  • Generates maps of the location of VAS, including endemic villages, and verifies the accuracy of the geographic coordinates by checking for outliers. Takes action to have the accuracy of these coordinates verified.

    Data Management and Oversight, SSGWEP

  • By the 5th of the following month, obtain and compile for the Director-SSGWEP the number of new cases/suspects and contained cases/suspects by payam.
  • Ensure all SSGWEP field reports are received by the data team by the 15th of the following month. Report any late reports to the CR immediately.

    Along with the Data Team, conduct monthly spot-checks, prior to conducting the monthly analysis, of all paper reports to ensure entered data correctly reflects paper reports. Spot checks will include but are not limited to the following:

  • In the patient data database, check 100% of the month’s cases/suspects to ensure consistency between containment criteria dates and fields indicating the meeting of said dates to containment criteria.
  • Confirm village line listing data to ensure consistency between line listings and monthly summary forms.
  • Ensure consistency of all analyses.
  • Conduct a hand-count of all monthly summary forms and village line listings to ensure the accuracy in the number of new cases/suspects and cases contained reported in the monthly provisional analysis.
  • Confirm that all hard copy files are arranged properly and all field inputs and requests are
    filed appropriately.
  • By the 20th of the following month, generate a comprehensive report for the preceding month, and present it the Director, SSGWEP. The data should include; analysis on the status of all interventions, patient demographic analysis, status of villages under active surveillance, analysis of new cases/suspects by payam, and village grouping by type and location.

    General Data Support

  • Plan monthly data team visits to sub-offices to ensure data issues are resolved quickly and field reporting meets programme regulations.
  • Generate maps for the Director-SSGWEP, CR and sub-offices as requested to analyze location of known endemic villages, village reporting 1+ cases/suspects, villages reporting only imported cases/suspects, location of villages by administrative designation, villages reporting 5+ cases and any other map as requested by the sub-office, CR or Director-SSGWEP.
  • Assist the Director-SSGWEP as requested.
  • Track and liaise with relevant sub-offices to resolve all outstanding data discrepancies. For any data issuing requiring changes to already-entered data, approval must be sought by the Epidemiologist prior to any changes being made.

    Spend two weeks out of every month visiting sub-offices to:

  • Review data collection and screening procedures in the field
  • Improve training of Technical Advisors and Program Officers on data collection
  • With the Data Team, Secretariat, Technical Advisors, and Program Officers work to improve training of field officers on data collection techniques
  • Determine what is needed to develop improved case investigations to pinpoint where transmission is occurring including support during field visits, training, and any necessary adjustments to forms
  • Based on analysis and field visits, make recommendations as to additional areas of epidemiological investigation and analysis, conduct as needed
  • Participate in investigations of outbreaks at the field level to determine the origin of transmission.
  • Work with Technical Advisors and Program Officers to improve their epidemiologic investigation skills
  • Help the Technical Advisors and Program Officers conduct analysis on locations of origin of imported cases/suspects and known locations of indigenous transmission to determine where transmission is occurring
  • Liaise directly with TCC – Atlanta to address all requests for data analyses.
  • Make all necessary data changes to existing programmatic data while ensuring the appropriate Director approves ALL data changes prior to changes being made.
  • Make regular, actionable recommendations to the CR and Director-SSGWEP for improvements to SSGWEP data management systems and tools.
  • Design and execute practical, hands-on training of field staff on established reporting procedures and guidelines as dictated by the Ministry of Health.
  • Ensure all new field supervisors receive a thorough orientation regarding programmatic data procedures and guidelines.
  • Assist the CR to formulate accurate annual program analyses as requested by the Director-SSGWEP for use in review meetings.

    Other Duties

  • Work cooperatively and harmoniously with government officials and TCC colleagues to strengthen TCC-supported programs in every way possible.
  • Ensure a safe, respectful, efficient, and effective data team work environment while building a sense of team by giving all staff the opportunity to grow professionally.
  • Work daily with awareness that the Carter Center works solely in support of the South Sudan Guinea Worm Eradication Programme and the Trachoma Control Programme of the Ministry of Health, Republic of South Sudan
  • Represent The Carter Center with pride, integrity, professionalism, humility, respect for persons, and sensitivity to local culture and traditions. Be constantly aware that you represent an organization founded by a former President of the United States who believes in working aggressively and harmoniously to assist and strengthen health service delivery.
  • Other duties as required and/or assigned by the CR.

    How To Apply

  • To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to guineaworm.recruitment@cartercenter.org. Subject line ought to include: Application South Sudan Epidemiologist/Data Manager Position. All documents ought to be in Microsoft word (.doc), PDF or open source format.
  • Only finalists will be contacted. By 15th November, 2018

  • For more information and job application details, see; UN Epidemiologist/Data Manager Jobs in South Sudan

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