TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry for Chemist

TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry for Chemist

The 2023 award, sponsored by Searle Company Ltd, will be given to a chemist not older than 40, national of a science-and-technology lagging country (STLC), who has been living and working there for a minimum of two years immediately prior to his/her nomination. The award is worth $5,000.

Nominations are accepted from TWAS members as well as science academies, national research councils, universities and scientific institutions in developing and developed countries.


  • Eligible candidates are young chemists (not older that 40), national of a developing country, who have been living and working in a Scientifically and Technologically Lagging (STL) country, for a minimum of two years immediately prior to their nomination. All fields of Chemistry are eligible.

  • Self nominations and nominations from jury members will not be considered. Fellows of TWAS are not eligible.


  • A pre-screening of the nominees will be done at TWAS, The nomination dossiers of the qualified candidates will then be submitted to jury members for their evaluation. Based on this evaluation Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman will select the winner.

    How to Nominate a Scientist

    The 2023 nominations can only be submitted electronically through the on-line platform by clicking on the “NEW NOMINATION” button at the bottom of this page.

    The deadline for submitting nominations is 15 May 2023, however we strongly recommend that you do not wait until the deadline but submit the nomination as early as you can to enable us to process it as quickly as possible.

    A nomination is considered complete only if includes all of the following information/material:

  • Nominator contact details;

  • Nominee contact details (self nominations and nominations from jury members will not be considered) and general information on the nominee, including the country where he/she has been working and living in the past 2

  • Authorization from the nominee (i.e. the candidate) to process his/her personal data for the purposes of his/her nomination, in conformity to Art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003. This authorization can only be submitted through the online platform. The privacy authorization form is available for download in the section ‘nominee’s personal data’. The form must be filled in and signed by the candidate and then uploaded onto the on-line platform;

  • Suggested citation (15-20 words highlighting the nominee’s scientific achievements in Chemistry);

  • Supporting statement regarding the nominee’s contribution in Chemistry. Supporting statements should explain in detail the work performed by the candidate and its significance in the relevant scientific context. Clear reference should be made to the scientific impact of the nominee’s work. Vague supporting statements will not be considered and will negatively affect the evaluation;

  • Clear and detailed account of any time spent abroad by the nominee in the past two years;
    PhD: information on subject area, year and awarding institution;

  • Brief information on membership in academies and societies;

  • Brief information on awards and honours received;

  • List of 10 most significant publications listed in an internationally acceptable format;
    The nominee’s brief CV and her/his complete list of publications are also to be uploaded, separately, onto the online platform.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry for Chemist

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