Trefoil Organisational Grants (United Kingdom)

Trefoil Organisational Grants (United Kingdom)

Trefoil may support main core funding to organisations whose aims and objectives comply with Trefoil’s objects. Application forms and criteria may be downloaded here.


Trefoil welcomes applications from the following types of organisation whose aims comply with the Trefoil charitable objects (see below), specifically:

  • Formally constituted and registered charities;

  • “Not-for-profit” organisations, other than statutory bodies, which are not formally registered as charities.

    All applicant organisations must be able to demonstrate a track record of strong financial and
    operational management by the provision of audited or independently inspected accounts and annual reports.


  • Trefoil will give priority to organisations or charities which are direct service providers and
    align with the Trefoil objects.


  • Trefoil will not normally consider applications from organisations with a turnover of £500,000 or more, or from agencies (or for purposes) which should be supported by statutory funding.

  • Grants are not intended to replace statutory funding. Applications from commercial organisations or for commercial purposes will not be considered.

    Types of eligible projects:

  • Trefoil may support main core funding to organisations whose aims and objectives align with

  • Trefoil’s objects. The plan must be operationally and financially viable and supported by sound analysis.

    Trefoil will in particular consider funding for:

  • Projects promoting education, health and social welfare;

  • Team building activities;

  • Recreation with an educational element;

  • Therapeutic activities not core funded by the statutory authorities;

  • New development and start up project costs.

    Excluded Elements:

    Trefoil will not provide funding for the following:

  • Salaries or subsistence costs except as entirely incidental to a specific project and to
    the extent proportionate to
    other funding;

  • Core property costs which support the administration of the organisation;

  • Disbursement to other agencies;

  • Core administration costs and overheads;

  • General appeals.

    Trefoil grants are discretionary and the Trustees reserve the right not to enter into dialogue or correspondence with unsuccessful applicants. Trefoil’s charitable objects as stated in the Memorandum of Association

  • To aid, assist and promote, to their advantage, the interests of children and young
    people (the expression “children and young people) meaning persons under the age of 25 years at the time they first apply to the Company for assistance) with special needs, including but not limited to physical disability, caring obligations, other disadvantage or learning and psycho-social needs (or a combination thereof) and to foster their independence, confidence and assertiveness and in particular but without limitation in pursuance thereof to:

  • Promote educational opportunities, social skills development and vocational training
    and personal development opportunities;

  • Advance their physical, mental and emotional health by promoting aid and assistance
    whether directly or indirectly;

  • Promote or organise recreational facilities, with the object of improving their condition and/or enjoyment of life.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Trefoil Organisational Grants (United Kingdom)

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