To Improve the E-Magazine

by Dessalegn Yizengaw
(Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)

Many thanks for your request to suggest what to do regarding the improvement. I would say that you are really doing very excellent job for those who are really keen to upgrade their education career and in need of scholarship.

Having said this, I think it is also good to upgrade the magazine including recently published African papers.

Because those who have used Advance African e-magazine might be still in contact but doing their thesis or research. So it is good to share academic concepts with that regard as well.

In addition, I think it is good to include those funding organizations who are just only giving fund for MSc And PhD positions.

Moreover, may be also good to include African Institutions that give scholarship for Africans. One thing it is promoting the institutions and another thing it is good for applicants to apply there.

For sure I will keep in touch in suggesting ideas.


Dessalegn Yizengaw


Thanks Dessalegn.

Points noted.


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