Tips for Improving Advance Africa

by Dr. Mshilla Maghanga
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Joe, I believe that you have received a lot of complements based on your very good idea and work. I can only supplement. Kindly see my suggestions for improving this page below:

1. Supposing we had detailed testimonies of those who have already benefited from Advance-Africa once in a while?

2. Better still, supposing we create a communication network amongst the beneficiaries so that we can share our experiences

3. I still believe that there are many students out there who badly need such opportunities but do not know how. Supposing those already aware of this help out in informing them?

4. Do you think it would be a good idea to also use Advance-Africa to publish some write-ups as a way of increasing its readership? I believe there are those think that it is only meant for scholarships, and if they do not need such services, then they see no need to read through.

5. Joe, can this publication be used to call for conferences and workshops which are related to scholarships and research? I believe that there are many such functions which can also be beneficial to the readership

Joe, let me stop here for now, otherwise, I will drop in more suggestions as we go along.

Thank you

Dr.Mshilla Maghanga


Thanks Dr. Maghanga,

I have recently set up a page for testimonials (See: See - Scholarship Winner Testimonials) and am sure more of those who have benefited will be submitting directly to the website.

I will take time to think about your suggestions. They are great ideas! I may also call on you next time I am in Nairobi!

Kind regards,


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