The Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers Program for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

The Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers Program for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Calling selected VCs, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hubs, Incubators and Programs, to nominate candidates for the 3rd edition of i-FAIR!

If any of your entrepreneurs/startups or innovators is developing a solution that can solve one or more of Africa’s challenges, and falls in one of i-FAIR’s Areas of Focus, has a strong value proposition, proven demand, ideally includes a hardware component (not a must), and is ready to develop a prototype, or in the process of product development; nominate them for i-FAIR 3.

i-FAIR will provide them with access to the technology, machinery and expertise needed, in order to take their product development to the next level; including the development of functioning prototypes/MVPs of their solution, access to funding opportunities and business development mentorship.

Through the 6-month program, i-FAIR provides participants with the necessary resources and support to transform their ideas into innovations and sustainable ventures that can create jobs and generate wealth for Nigerians and Nigeria.


  • Have a clear concept & valid value proposition

  • Have completed their initial market validation process

  • Will benefit from hands-on support on their product development

  • The solution would ideally include a hardware component (not a must)

  • In case of an established business-it must be African-owned, majorly-Nigerian-owned business, currently or intending to operate in Nigeria
    Address one of Africa’s challenges and fall within one of our areas of focus


    Successful applicants are entitled to the following benefits:

  • A unique platform to transform ideas into inventions and develop working prototypes;

  • Free access and membership to a modern innovation center where they can work on and develop their prototypes/products with hands-on support of technical experts ;

  • Access to a special certificate course and mentoring by accomplished inventors, innovators, and researchers from Nigeria and the State of Israel;

  • Exposure to R&D processes and procedures of leading international institutes.

  • The opportunity to pitch inventions and prototypes to investors for possible adoption, patronage and partnership;

  • For the in-person bootcamps in Abuja, transportation and accommodation will be covered.
    i-FAIR’s support does NOT involve any equity, shares or IP rights on your developments.

    Area of Focus

    Food Security (Agriculture and Food Technology)

    Solutions that increase productivity as well as address challenges around food processing and supply chain.

    Health/ Medical Device:

    Solutions which will increase the accessibility to proper advanced health care.


    Solutions which increase access to proper education suited to the local content and learning environment, including AI in education, learning tools and more.

    Circular Economy

    Solutions that reduce or eliminate waste, from product design to its end of life. For example, utilizing waste by turning it into useful products.

    Clean Energy

    Solutions that serve rural and/or peri-urban communities not adequately served by the national grid, addresses a real energy-access issue across any part of the value chain.


    Solutions that improve manufacturing/small scale manufacturing capacity.

    Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

    Solutions that will solve challenges in infrastructure and maintenance, including quality assurance.


    If the idea you are passionate about does not fall into any of the above, but has a proven need/demand, please feel free to apply. We know that passionate entrepreneurs with surprising ideas may be the greatests

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; The Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers Program for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

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