The Future is Fungi Award for Researchers and Startups

The Future is Fungi Award for Researchers and Startups

Fungi hold the solution to many of our environmental challenges.

With this award, we honor the cutting-edge research and innovations in the fungi field for the environmental solutions that the world needs.
The Future is Fungi Award grants both a research and a start-up award

The Winners Are Each Awarded With:

  • EUR 10 000

  • Mentorship

  • Access to network and visibility

    Fungi hold the potential to become the super savior to some of humanity`s largest environmental challenges. Be it fighting climate change, addressing severe biodiversity loss, ensuring a more regenerative agriculture, a circular economy or replacing fossil based or other harmful products with more sustainable and biobased ones.

    However, we have only scratched the surface in unlocking and harnessing the power of this remarkable kingdom. There is so much more to explore!

    With The Future is Fungi Award, we want to honor and uncover the frontier and cutting-edge science that explores the utilisation of fungi for environmental solutions. We aim to put the spotlight on NEW and EMERGING areas of fungal research and start-up innovations, lifting them from the depth of the forest into the daylight.

    Our goal is also to inspire further research and innovation in the bottomless field of fungal research and applications.

    Real world problems needs real world solutions. We therefore also want to nudge the commercialization of fungi research, to bring its solutions out in the real world – and accelerate us onto a more sustainable, regenerative path. To bring fungi out to work its magic.

    And we want to spread the word to the world about the potential of fungi.

    Together, we accelerate the fungal revolution!

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; The Future is Fungi Award for Researchers and Startups

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