The Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia Hospital Administrative and Finance Director Jobs

The Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia Hospital Administrative and Finance Director Jobs

Job Id: 223258

Category: Business and Administration

Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)


Job Description


The children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia (CHFE) established in 1989 GC is a non-governmental, nonprofit making humanitarian organization committed to help children with heart disease.

Since the establishment the founders with key donors were able to establish a new hospital located in BLH, equipped with basic equipment’s and supplies.

The center currently has 11 sub specialized doctors, 56 high level trained nurses and allied health professionals.

Till date the center has 3637 outpatients follow up, 85 cardiac surgeries and 1885 cat lab interventions. CHFE would like to appoint vacant potion.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designs ,monitors and evaluates development projects that enable the center achieve its vision
  • Researches innovative ways of development and executing business in the institution.
  • Organizes , trains and runs the administrative and finance team of the center in a way that fosters timeliness ,quality of service ,client centeredness and competency to enable the health professionals spend their time in patient care and training
  • Leads the administrative and finance team to create grass root ownership and excellent team spirit
  • Facilitate and oversee purchase, property administration and facility management units
  • Supports the management council in financial planning proposing budget for strategic initiatives and projects of cardiac center
  • Ensures accurate and timely reporting of the administrative and finance activities
  • Works to create a finance and administration team that is effective and efficient operates with compliance with relevant financial and administrative regulations and standards of the country
  • Continually reviews work practices and procedures for better operational efficiency; and potential issues in strategic programs.
  • Proactively councils the CEO on solutions and opportunities for improvement.
  • Provides advice on business and development to ensure consistent application of CHFE procedures in
    CHFE projects and initiatives.
  • Ensures precise documentation ,produces and reviews financial reports to ensure fiscal strictness
  • Designs innovative development and human resource strategies to realize a motivated, compassionate and caring staffs and utilize the work force to a maximum.
  • Executes other activities delegated to him/her by the CEO.


  • Excellent IT skills
  • High ethical standards
  • Excellent multitask management capacity and ability to work under stressful conditions
  • Expert knowledge of the financial, human resource and other administrative regulations in Ethiopia


    Addis Ababa, Children Heart Fund of Ethiopia (CHFE)

    Type of Contract:

    Individual Contract

    Post Level:


    Expected Duration of Assignment:

  • 1 year depending on demand for services and good performance

    Job Requirements

    Educational Requirements]

  • MSC in business administration or related field with a specific training in the strategies and policies of the country.
  • Advanced communication skills training.


  • Ten years of experience in hospital administration
  • Four years as a leader of a health care institution


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English;

    How to Apply

    Applicants for the position must submit a CV shall including Education/Qualification, Professional Certification, Employment Records /Experience through the following email:

    Evaluation method:

    Only those applications which are responsive and compliant will be evaluated;

    Only the top 3 candidates scoring 70 points or higher from the review of the education, experience and languages will be considered for the interview;

    Candidates obtaining 21 points or higher in the interview will be deemed technically qualified and considered for financial evaluation;

    Applicant receiving the highest combined score and who has accepted CHFE’s General Terms and Conditions will be awarded the contract.


    The ideals by which the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia/Cardiac Center Ethiopia

    (CHFE/CCE) strives to carry out its operations through values like compassion, trustworthiness, excellence, innovation partnership and teamwork.

    The Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia Hospital Administrative and Finance Director Jobs

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