The Brooke Hospital for Animals TOR - Consultancy Gender Assessment Jobs in Ethiopia

The Brooke Hospital for Animals TOR - Consultancy Gender Assessment Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 216349

Category: Consultancy and Training
Location: Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description

1. Introduction

The Brooke Ethiopia is a leading UK equine welfare charity, which has been working in Ethiopia since 2006 with a country office in Addis Ababa.

The Brooke aims to improve the welfare of working equines, together with the livelihoods of people dependant on these animals.

Brooke Ethiopia (B-Eth) is entering a new strategic phase and by the year 2020, Brooke Ethiopia will sustainably improve the equine welfare of some of the neediest rural and urban equines in Ethiopia.

Although Brooke started its operation in Ethiopia in 2006, direct implementation and working with partners were initiated after 2008 following its 1st strategic plan (2008-12) with a goal of reaching 1 million equines.

Learning from this, its second strategic planning (2011-2015) focused on expanding direct implementation while scaling down its delivery through partnerships.

2. Objectives of the assessment and scope of the assessment


The Brooke feels that our community engagement activity at the community level lacks the proper analysis of gender roles and contribution to the equine animal welfare outcomes we are looking to improve.

The results of the assessment will be used to advise changes to Brooke Ethiopia program activities and implementation methodology.

This gender assessment ToR is aimed at getting expert recommendations for adapting the Brooke Ethiopia program design answering and clarifying the 3 assessment questions:

  • Who does what? Are the roles, responsibilities, and priorities of men and women, both within and outside the household, different?

  • Who owns what? Who controls what? Who has access to what? Are there differences among women and men?

  • If there are differentials in the above two areas, what are the institutional, economic, and social factors that underlie, support, or influence them?

  • What operational models can be helpful to address those differentials given the existing scenario?

    The gender assessment for Brooke Ethiopia has several objectives, which include:

  • Gaining an understanding of gender and power relations between men, women, boys and girls, the division of labour between men and women (who does what work), including domestic (household and reproductive) and community work and who has access to, and control over, resources, with specific attention to Equine welfare and livelihoods

  • Identifying opportunities and barriers to men’s and women’s, young girls and boys’ participation in economic activity and the resulting impact in improving animal welfare (social, economic, legal, political, and cultural) and control over resources

  • Gaining an understanding of current cultural practices which promote and/or hinder gender equality and specifically those that exacerbate or limit gender based violence.

  • Identifying gaps in policy related specifically to women’s equal participation in Animal welfare, including Improving Animal husbandry and management practices, access to credit and markets, capacity to trade and do business, in peace processes, leadership committees and politics generally as well as make use of appropriate technology

  • Considering the differential impact of the initiative on men and women, and identifying consequences to be addressed

  • Outlining the expected risks (including backlash) and develop strategies to minimize these risks

  • Identifying key actions and developing recommendations for additions, adaptations or revisions to the Program design and implementation approach to minimize unintended consequences of gender-related differential impact or identified risks, and to maximize the Program contribution to gender equality including equal participation in and ownership of project outcomes by young men and women, women, girls, boys and men

    2.2.Assessment scope

    2.2.1. Geographic Scope: The assessment
    will be undertaken in
    5 deliberately selected woredas, 2 from SNNPR (Halaba and Gedeb) and 3 from Oromia programmes (Siraro, Qore and Gedeb Assasa woredas.

    Brooke will provide the profile of the woredas while the design of the assessment including the protocol of the work will be prepared and delivered by the consultant for our review. 10% of Kebeles from each woredas will be targeted by the consultant.

    2.2.2. Assessments scope: The scope of the evaluation includes Brooke Ethiopia, Brooke Senior Management Team and looking the programme components at community level.

    In relation to the objectives of the study and in order to answer the questions of the assessment, the consultant will develop and execute a study, including methodology, impartial data collection, analysis and interpretation that can inform the design of our community engagement approaches.

    3. Duration of the assignment (level of effort)

    In line with the above-mentioned scope of work, the expert will be contracted with approximately xxx working days of level of effort for this assignment.

    Job Requirements

    The consultant will have the following minimum criteria for selections of the consultant include:

  • MA in relevant field or recognized contribution to the theory and practice of gender equity, through publications, membership to gender networks, and/or leadership in alliances for gender

  • 5+ years' experience in participatory research and gender sensitive assessment methodologies

  • Knowledge of international frameworks for gender, such as UNSCR 1325, CEDAW, Beijing Platform for Action, MDGs and others

  • Familiarity with core concepts related to Animal welfare and Livelihoods

  • Good knowledge and experience in survey design, implementation of surveys and statistical data analysis is required;

  • Knowledge in gender analysis, gender inclusive programming, evaluation of programme delivery, management and business analysis in Ethiopia

  • Significant field experience in assessment of gender roles, livelihoods and development of gender sensitive programmes;

  • Relevant degree with equivalent experience related to the objectives of the assessment to be undertaken;

  • Significant experience in management, implementation, accountability of programmes;

  • Good knowledge and experience of gender equality and non-discrimination;

  • Good communications skills and experience of workshop facilitation;

  • Ability to write clear and useful reports (Able to attach examples of previous work);

  • Fluent in English and Amharic.

  • Excellent analytical, research, writing and communication skills to tight deadlines;

    Qualifications and experience

    How to Apply

    The Brooke Ethiopia invites those who are interested and fulfill the above criteria’s are eligible to apply to HR Department, Brooke Ethiopia Office located around 22, away to 24 Kebelle near Christmas Hospital) within 10 consecutive days starting from July 31, 2019 to August 9, 2019.

    Those who satisfy the criteria indicated above will be considered for selection and those who win the offer shall be awarded the jobs. Applicants are expected to submit their copy of TIN number and Trade License.

    Brooke Ethiopia shall withhold 2% if the individual consultant has a TIN number & License or 30% where he/she does not have a TIN number & License as per the Ethiopian Tax legislation.

    Technical proposal, including resume of the consultants with supporting documents, printout documents that show previous work experience, names and contact information of a minimum of two previous clients, and financial proposals should be submitted separately in a sealed envelope on or before August 09, 2019 in person.

    N.B. Please be informed that you can consider this vacancy as a TOR and additional will be provided you can collect the TOR from the office. We accept proposals from individual consultants and/or Firm/company.

    For further information or support, please call us on 0116 610 069 / 0912 05 54 59.

    The Brooke Hospital for Animals TOR - Consultancy Gender Assessment Jobs in Ethiopia

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