Swedish Community School IT Coordinator + Librarian Jobs in Ethiopia

Swedish Community School IT Coordinator + Librarian Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 222889

Category: Information Technology

Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)

Employment Type: Full time

Salary: Competitive salary, based on school standards of pay, experience and qualifications

Job Description

‘Kelem International School (formerly the Swedish Community School) is seeking a full-time IT professional to serve as the IT coordinator, as well as to manage the school’s computer lab and library.

The IT Coordinator/Librarian ensures that there's a strong connection between the library, IT lab,

classroom programs and curriculum, and is responsible for building and supporting the communication systems within the school community and with the wider community.

He/She will ensure that available school technology (laptops, desktops, smartboards, projectors, wifi, school portal) are fully functional at all times, and being maximally used to promote teaching and learning.

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Set up the school computer lab, including repairing equipment that is non-functional, performing upgrades to desktops and laptops, installing software, networking all devices, recommending purchases of needed hardware or software, and installing virus protection software
  • Establish and maintain the school portal – this will be the primary system used for teachers to enter and track student assignments and grading, communicate with parents, etc.
  • Install restrictions on all computer lab computers to limit students access to inappropriate websites and content on campus
  • Maintain school internet system to ensure it is designed to best meet the needs of all classrooms and offices
  • Provide IT support to teachers and staff for in-class use of technology, including projectors, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets, smartboards, etc.
  • Monitor student activity will in the computer lab to ensure that equipment is used appropriately and as intended
  • Support teachers while they are giving instruction in the computer lab, including assisting with web searches, student research assignments, printing, scanning, etc.
  • Provide some instruction/training on using equipment and technology for learning
  • Maintain IT equipment and assist staff and teachers with IT and other IT related issues.
  • Run regular checks on network and data security;
  • Identify and act on opportunities to improve and update software and systems;
  • Develop and implement IT policy and best practice guides for the organization;
  • Design and implement training programs and workshops for staff to become more comfortable and familiar with using technology in class planning, teaching
    and use of the portal;
  • Conduct regular system audits and run and share regular operation system reports with senior staff;
  • Oversee and recommend timeframes for major IT projects including system updates,
    upgrades, migrations and outages;
  • Manage and report on allocation of IT budget;
  • Perform other duties, as deemed appropriate, by the School Admin/s;
  • Accept and incorporate feedback and coaching from administrative staff;


  • Catalog and organize the school’s library materials (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) creating a logical system for cataloging resources
  • Digitize catalog so that materials can be easily located in an electronic system
  • Create system for “checking out” and “checking in” school library resources, both to teachers as well as students, including notification system for “over-due” materials
  • Hold responsibility for maintaining all library resources and overseeing the “check-in” and “check-out” procedures
  • Keep running list of additional library resources to be purchased by the school, including recommendations from teachers, parents, staff on additional materials
  • Coordinate with the Parents Association to organize an annual “book drive” to receive donations of materials for the library from the school and wider community

    Job Requirements

    Essential knowledge- skill requirements:

  • Desire to work with children and teachers in a learning environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Positive attitude and willingness to be flexible and adaptive
  • Ability to maintain sound working relationships
  • Autonomous and well organized with ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Very good command of written and spoken English language

    Minimum Essential Qualification

  • Minimum of University Degree in computer Science or any other related field
  • Previous experience maintaining IT and/or library systems for a school or other organization
  • Demonstrated communication skills;
  • Demonstrated ability and experience to engage the interest of school-age children;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse children, including those with special needs;
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with teachers, administrators and parents;
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member;


  • Minimum 3 years work experience in IT and/or library services
  • Work experience in community or international schools is highly desirable

    How to Apply

    Please Email

    hr@scsaddis.com or hand over your applications and credentials in person to the Former

    Swedish Community School/’Kelem International School compound from the date of


    We are located in Kazanches opposite to Norwegian Lutheran Mission across Meles Zenawi

    Foundation; DAR Sahara Street. Tel numbers: +2518545981/2, +251911259055 (Bereket).

    Swedish Community School IT Coordinator + Librarian Jobs in Ethiopia

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