Stockholm International Water Institute Technical Coordinator Jobs in Ethiopia

Stockholm International Water Institute Technical Coordinator Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 226623

Category: Consultancy and Training, Engineering, Environment and Natural Resource

Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)


Job Description

About SIWI

SIWI is a water institute. We leverage knowledge and our convening power to strengthen water governance for a just, prosperous, and sustainable future.

We focus on a range of research and development topics within and around water that support decision-makers world. We believe that the best way to tackle water crises, and help bring about lasting change, is to strengthen water governance among public and private actors alike.

SIWI’s strong, international team of knowledge-generators, convenors, facilitators, and trainers works to strengthen the systems and processes that govern access to and protection of fresh water, with the overarching aim to contribute to poverty eradication.

SIWI also hosts several flagship programmes, including the UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility, the International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC), the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management (S2S Platform), and the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA).
Through the Swedish Water House, we connect Swedish water stakeholders with each other and to international processes.

SIWI has been active in Ethiopia since 2015 starting with the inception of the Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI). The program has been engaging factories, companies, ministries and agencies to address resource use and technical production challenges that the industry and government agencies face in the textile sector in Ethiopia.

The STWI programme was a collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and the Ethiopian Textiles Industries Development Institute (ETIDI) and the new programme is an expansion of previous experiences.

SIWI has now been granted additional funds from Sida to support national efforts in improving coordination and governance of shared water resources, addressing effluent challenges from textile production and landscape restoration needs in river basins.

The aim of the program is to develop a water governance program in select river basins in Ethiopia with the overall ambition of translating water management policy into action through the improvement of governance arrangements at a basin scale.

SIWI will support River Basin Authorities, as the apex bodies responsible for all aspects of water management, to practically operationalize improved national and regional IWRM routines and communication mechanisms with relevant stakeholders.

These stakeholders include government bodies, academia, civil society organizations as well as the private sector.

The program includes three work programs; (1) IWRM Capacity Building (2) Landscape Restoration and (3) Textile, under which the following objectives will be programmed and implemented:

1. Capacity Building amongst government bodies with responsibility or interest in water, or the textile sector as well as civil society stakeholders on methodologies to promote environmental good practice focusing on water management, improved governance and regulation and encourage stakeholder participation in decision-making.

2. Capacity Building to restore degraded landscapes, improve availability of clean water and productivity of land and natural resources through stakeholder dialogues and training of a broad group of landscape stakeholders such as farmers, foresters, pastoralists and local communities.

3. Capacity Building of academic institutions to perform comprehensive risk assessments and develop dialogue and adoption of risk assessment processes with government ministries and agencies responsible for development of industrial zones.

4. Capacity Building of ETDI in assessing and improving efficiency of water, energy and chemical processes in select textile factories (applying
the STWI methodology).

5. Systematically assessing technological capacity and the required skillsets needed for industrial parks. In addition to cost-savings for the owners as well as reducing water use, developing skills for wastewater re-use, and reducing harmful effluents, a dialogue regarding compliance and sanctions for non-compliance will be held, aiming to develop trust between stakeholders.

Support a basin vision process in the Rift Valley Basin which can lead to standardisations and better coordination between the Ethiopian Basins Development Authority and its branch offices, encourage all stakeholders to overcome the collective action problems associated with adhering to or implementing environmental good practice, no matter which water-use sector they represent.

The visioning process would be based on the successes achieved in the textile industry and then extended to include other sectors.

As part of the programme activities, SIWI is now looking for a technical coordinator to be responsible for delivering programs and activities of Work Program 3.

Key responsibilities

The key responsibilities of a technical coordinator comprise:

  • Subcontractor etc. to ensure quality delivery of planned project activities of the textile component in accordance with the goals and KPIs of Work Program 3, including training workshops, meetings, onsite visits, multi-stakeholder engagement activities etc.;
  • Supporting program manager and component lead in proposal development, program designing, budget and operation planning, program monitoring and evaluation, auditing etc. as per the organizational guidelines;
  • Developing accurate and timely reports for internal project management and external program reporting and communication (monthly / quarterly / annually – as needed);
  • Supporting activities on program communication, outreach and multi-stakeholder engagement;
  • Contributing to knowledge management, including development of program tools, best practices, educational or information resources and other program materials;
  • Contributing to program strategy directions by investigating, collecting, processing and interpreting information, data, market trends or policy on the textile industry in Ethiopia.

    Estimated time allocation

    1 Coordinating, organizing workshops 30%
    2 Supporting Program Management 20%
    3 Developing reports 10%
    4 Supporting communication, outreach and multi-stakeholder engagement 10%
    5 Contribute to knowledge management 10%
    6 Contribute to program strategy direction 20%

    Consultancy contract - 190 days

    Job Requirements

    Preferred qualifications

  • An advanced university degree in environmental science, environmental engineering, industrial resource engineering or other related technical filed, a master's degree in the same is preferred;
  • 5+ years in an advanced management role (preference given to those with program management experience in international collaboration program or NGO setting);
  • Strong background in program management, particularly with planning methods and coordinating programs, as well as budget preparation and monitoring;
  • Technical or management experience in the textile industry will be an advantage;
  • Exceptional leadership, time management, facilitation, and organizational skills, teamwork and self-driven;
  • Experience in transferring technical skills within resource management (water, energy, chemical);
  • Experience in resource audit accounting (water, energy, chemical);
  • Experience working with Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute.

    Required skills

  • Excellent spoken, written and presentation/public speaking skills in Amharic and English;
  • Creativity and critical thinking are considered as desired skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and proven stakeholder management skills.

    How to Apply

    Apply by submitting CV and application letter (outlining how your skills and experience would contribute to the successful implementation of the WP3 of EWLG) to: by October 25th 2019.

    For more information contact Dr Cryton Zazu at or Work Package lead Anna Wikman at

    Stockholm International Water Institute Technical Coordinator Jobs in Ethiopia

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