Sponsorship for Construction of Cultural Center

by Odhiambo
(Nairobi, Kenya)

P. O. BOX 4543-00200

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Dear Sir/Madam, 30th March 2012


I am Chrispinus Odhiambo Mukhule, aged 53 years old and married with 4 children. I sat for my ‘O’ Level in 1977 at Nambale Boys High School and passed. I joined the Kenya Defence Forces (Navy) in 1978 where I am still working. I have held various military appointments both locally and inter nationally. I attended both military and civilian courses and obtained diplomas and certificates in administration, instructional duties, fire management, peace-keeping, career planning/training rehabilitation, fisheries/ant-narcotics, change and strategic management planning, disaster mitigation and management and computer studies. After many years of thinking of the best reward for my people, I became interested and concerned about the history and culture of our community (Akherosere) living in East Africa. In 2002, I traced the origins and movements of our clan through time until their settlement in East Africa.

Uniting the community.

In an effort to strengthen the bond and unity of my community, clan meetings are planned and held in different regions within East Africa on rotational basis where the members are invited to attend in large numbers. The aim of such meetings is to bring together the community to address the challenges more efficiently in the spirit of cohesiveness, tolerance and harmony.

Community Welfare Society

After uniting my community in East Africa, I initiated the idea of forming the Akherosere Welfare Society which was registered by the Kenya Government in September 2011 vide certificate No 35168. Its bank account is 1132035740 with Kenya Commercial Bank, Busia Branch. The objectives of the society are to: Unite members, invest in viable projects, eradicate social negligence among the members, uphold society’s culture and traditions and non-political society in objectives and entire functions.

Community projects

Oral traditions are a very important source of African history and culture which should be documented and preserved as death of knowledgeable old people is a great loss to the sources. I published the community oral histories such as the “History and Culture of the Bakhero People of Western Kenya (2008)” ISBN 9966-7347-0-8 and “Amakesi Ka Bakhulundu (Wisdom of Elders
- 2011)” ISBN 978-9966-73-4-71-6. The books are being used in the local Universities, colleges and schools for research work and have proven my cultural skills and the importance of upholding African social and cultural values. Also, compiled but not produced due to financial constraints are a number of historical and cultural volumes.

Our community is desperately looking for sponsors to aid it in buying land and construction of a cultural center to uphold its culture and traditions, venture in viable projects to generate income to eradicate poverty amongst its members, to further research on its culture, publish community oral books for inspiration and mobilize members in East Africa to attend family regional meetings for the purpose of peace building and conflict management.


In order to fulfill the aim of the study, I focused on issues relating to the historical background of the Akherosere clan, cultural and traditional practices, community’s constitution and projects for the community. The long search journey finally bore fruit when the community traced their roots in East Africa and realized their identity which they had been yearning for over 5 centuries since they settled in the region.

To accomplish the mission of the Akherosere community and considering the poverty levels amongst its members we need financial assistance from well wishers. Further, it’s my humble submission that despite being non-professional historian, I am convinced that the proposal presented will meet the donor’s requirements for funding our projects and the research work I carried out will be equated with academic study level by the University Academic Council for the award of Honorary Degree in honour of my effort in tracing our roots, uniting my people and preaching peace in the region, and publishing the community cultural books on my own.

In view of the above, it’s our humble appeal to any organization to come to our aid. Any help will go a long way in strengthening our society and enabling us to move forward as Akherosere community and an individual.
Thanking you and looking forward to a favourable assistance and response.

Yours Faithfully,

Community National Chairman


Please follow this link, Sponsorship for Construction of Cultural Center

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