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Hi Advance Africa. It's quite fantastic for me that I'm now one of the few Kenyan's who have got this rare opportunity to know about your site. All in all, perhaps my idea could if it is possible to be alerting me and others on the afforementioned subject according to one's career and studies.

Am currently undertaking a scholarship on International course on Broadcast Journalism here in the Netherlands and I wish I could have more opportunities to get masters on the same, but it is difficult for me to go through all the articles on the website.

I have managed to spread the message to fellow countrymen and women and students about your website and I hope they will benefit from it.



Unfortunately, it is not possible to tailor the newsletter to specific courses. We hope that readers will create time to check if the newsletter has specific areas they are interested in.

One could also use the onsite Google search facility to locate specific scholarships. But the results may miss out on important notices because the search words used did not cover these.


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