SOS Call for Applications to Develop Child Rights Policy Analysis Manual Jobs in Ethiopia

SOS Call for Applications to Develop Child Rights Policy Analysis Manual Jobs in Ethiopia

  • SOS Children’s Villages International (SOS CVI) is non-governmental and non-denominational organization working with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children are fulfilled in every society.

  • SOS CVI is a global federation working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing the care.

    Scope of work

  • The comprehensive and well-structured manual should be useful for both beginners and advanced advocates in child rights in general and alternative care in particular.

  • The manual should take into consideration programmatic approaches and implementation modalities of SOS Children’s Villages International and its MA/NAs.

  • The manual is also expected to provide theoretical background/framework for policy analysis, how to develop policy briefs, and practical guide for advocates and case studies/examples from different countries in Eastern and Southern African region.

  • As part of the deliverables, the consultant is expected to provide training to advocacy practitioners and program implementers within SOS Children’s Villages.

  • The training is expected to equip trainees with adequate theoretical knowledge and practical skills on applying the manual for child rights advocacy in particular alternative care.

  • At the end of the training advocates are expected to have the skill to develop quality technical briefs.


  • For the manual, the consultant is expected to propose a comprehensive and effective methodology that enables to produce high quality deliverable.

  • For the training, the consultant is expected to utilize participatory methods, engaging and be creative during the training.

  • The methods must be in line with adult learning recommendations.

  • Adoption of relevant audio and visual training techniques, case studies and examples from East and Southern Africa context are strongly encouraged.

  • The consultant is also expected to propose other methods that are relevant in meeting the prescribed objectives.


  • The consultant will report to the Advocacy and Communications Unit of the SOS Children Villages International, East and Southern Africa Regional Office based in Addis Ababa.


    Inception/technical report

  • A comprehensive policy analysis manual with step-by-step guidance for all levels of practitioners

  • Conduct a training on how to conduct policy analysis and how to develop policy briefs

  • Proposal and outline for trainings – with learning objectives and methodologies

  • Detailed presentations for each section,

  • Evaluation report for the training

    Duration of Assignment

  • The development of the manual must be completed within three months from signing of contract.

  • The training of should be completed within one month after submission of the manual. The training will be conducted in two sessions each three to five days.

    Minimum Requirement

  • Minimum of a master’s degree or equivalent in public policy, child rights, law, political sciences, social policy, sociology, social work, development studies or similar and relevant fields of study **

  • Minimum of seven years of experience in policy analysis, advocacy, child rights, legislation, alternative care and child protections systems at national or international level;

  • The applicant is required to have developed at least one similar manual

  • In-depth knowledge of advocacy and policy development processes**

  • Highly professional in researching, synthesizing, analysing and writing skills and conducting trainings **

  • A good command of written and spoken English language

  • Applicants that do not
    fulfil the above requirements need NOT apply.

  • Application Information

    General Information

  • Costs must be quoted in US Dollars

  • Technical proposals should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

  • Financial proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Excel document.

  • The document should be password protected.

  • The financial proposal should indicate all professional and admin costs in detail

  • The financial proposal should separately indicate travel costs if any (only unit cost per day per country - that includes air travel cost, per diem, accommodation and incidentals only – Other costs should be categorized with professional and admin)

  • All required documents must be zipped in one folder before submission

  • If attachments are larger than 10 MB, please upload to Google Drive and share the link in the application email

  • Subject line of the application e-mail must be: “Application to Develop Child Rights Policy Analysis Manual”

    SOS Children’s Villages International, East and Southern Africa Regional office has the right to

  • Contact any or all references supplied by the bidder(s);

  • Request additional supporting or supplementary data (from the bidder(s));

  • Arrange interviews with the bidder(s);

  • Reject any or all proposals submitted;

  • Accept any proposals in whole or in part;

  • Negotiate with the service provider(s) who has/have attained the best rating/ranking, i.e. the one(s) providing the overall best value proposal(s);

  • Contract any number of candidates as required to achieve the overall evaluation objectives


  • After the bid opening, each proposal will be assessed first on its compliance, technical quality and subsequently on its price.

  • The proposal with the best overall value, composed of technical merit and price, will be considered for final approval.

  • SOS Children’s Villages International, East and Southern Africa Regional office has established a procurement committee to lead the overall process review and evaluate bids and make a decision based on the criteria listed.

    Taxes and payment

    (as per the regulation)

  • Fees for Ethiopian nationals will be paid in ETB as per the prevailing exchange rate
    Fees for non-Ethiopian nationals will be paid through bank transfer in USD

  • Two percent (2%) tax will be deducted from Ethiopian consultants with business license and business TIN. 30% tax will be deducted from Ethiopian consultants with personal TIN
    15% tax will be deducted from consultants who are non-Ethiopians

  • Payment details will be communicated to the winning bidder

  • Application Documents to be submitted

    Interested applicants should submit

  • Signed and scanned bid application and declaration form (See Annex -1)

  • Application letter

  • Technical Proposal in Ms Word Format (in English)

  • Resume or Company Profile

  • Financial proposal with detailed cost breakdown (should be separate from technical proposal and must be in Microsoft Excel) – Quotes must be in US Dollars.

  • One sample manual, toolkit or guideline on policy analysis, formulation, and monitoring produced. The sample must be developed and produced by the applicant and will be verified.

  • Copy of highest educational qualification earned (degree/diploma)

  • Any application that doesn’t include any one of the above requirements and does NOT adhere to the application information under paragraph 10 will be disqualified.


  • Individuals and/or a group of individuals organizations, associations, or companies are eligible to apply for this consultancy service.

    How to Apply

  • Applicants MUST copy all these emails addresses in their application., and

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