Small Technical Grants for Evaluations to Improve Management and Governance of Protected Areas

The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme is accepting applications for the Small Technical Grants for Evaluations Grant Program.

The purpose of BIOPAMA Small Technical Grants for Assessments (PSTE) is to identify and update action priorities aimed at results for improved management and governance of protected and conserved areas, through quantified, new or updated assessments, management and governance and their associated improvement plan.

The ESTEs aim to:

  • Improve or update the content of management and work plans to improve the efficiency and governance of protected and conserved areas in ACP countries;
  • Support the achievement of conservation objectives in ACP countries and national, regional and global reporting to the CBD.

  • A PSTE can fund one or more assessments (eg in a key conservation landscape, a network of protected areas or a national system of protected areas).

    Funding Information

  • Small technical grants for evaluation exclusively fund evaluations for a maximum total of EUR 20,000.

    Unlike medium grants, there is no co-funding required for small technical grants for evaluation.

    Categories of Eligible Costs

    The categories of eligible costs are:

  • Human resources. The costs of staff working under an employment contract with the beneficiary or an equivalent act of appointment and assigned to the action, provided that these costs comply with the beneficiary's usual policy of remuneration.
  • These costs include actual salaries plus social security charges and other statutory costs included in remuneration.
  • Travel. The costs of travel and related per diems, provided
    that these costs are in accordance with the beneficiary's usual travel practices and necessary for evaluations.
    Other costs, services.

    Costs arising from subcontracts, provided that the purchases are made in accordance with the BIOPAMA II tendering policy and comply with national public procurement regulations, if applicable.

    This may include the costs of mobilizing IMET coaches, Green List mentors, EAGL members and / or PAME / PAGE experts / facilitators.

    The BIOPAMA Regional Observatory and the Green List team can provide information and contact coaches and experts if necessary.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for a BIOPAMA PSTE, applicants must:

  • Be a public or private legal entity (i.e. a company or organization) registered as a separate legal entity in an eligible ACP country;
  • Be in charge or be already involved in the management and / or governance of protected and conserved areas at the national, sub-national or site concerned level;
  • Be in charge or already be involved in the management of a cross-border conservation area;
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the grant, and not act as an intermediary
  • Not be the beneficiary of another grant financed by the European Union (including EDF funds) for the same activities in the same protected and conserved areas, network or system of protected areas or transboundary conservation area

    Apply by 29th January.

    For more information and application details, see; Small Technical Grants for Evaluations to Improve Management and Governance of Protected Areas

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