Seedstars Financial Innovations for Women Affected by Migration for Later-Stage Fintech Startups

Seedstars Financial Innovations for Women Affected by Migration for Later-Stage Fintech Startups

Financial Innovations for Women Affected by Migration (FIWAM) is a Growth Program for later-stage fintech startups that have an impact focus on women migrants and women affected by migration.

This program is funded by the Impact-Linked Fund for Gender Inclusive Fintechs (ILF for GIF) and managed by the Impact-Linked Finance Fund. The ILF for GIF provides Impact-Linked Finance and technical assistance to fintechs to incentivize a stronger focus on gender transformative outcomes.

The FIWAM Growth Program will support up to 15 startups per region from Asia, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, over three months with personalized technical assistance that:

  • Enhances growth: using experimentation methodology and key growth concepts, learn how to sustainably grow your business

  • Increases your impact: through the implementation of an impact management framework that helps you track the right metrics and tell your impact story

  • Strengthens network connections: through the extensive Seedstars community of mentors, experts, and international development organizations, we connect you with the right people to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

    Application Criteria

  • Must be a for-profit entity and have operations in a Sub-Saharan African, MENA, or Asia (if your company is incorporated outside of these regions, but your operations are focused there you ARE still eligible to apply)

  • Provide a fintech solution that already serves or has the potential to serve women migrants or women affected by migration

  • Have product market fit and be at the growth stage

  • Woman-led companies as
    well as founders who are women migrants are highly encouraged to apply


    Capacity Building

    Participate in cross-regional training sessions that help you set and achieve growth milestones through group sessions with finance and migration experts, to attain investment potential and scale your impact


    One-on-one coaching with an industry experts focused on helping you overcome your biggest business hurdles and increasing the reach of your financial solutions to women migrants and women affected by migration

    Peer-to-peer Network:

    Match with a founder in your track, allowing for knowledge-sharing and collaboration opportunities


    Exposure for yourself and your company on the program website and program marketing activities

    Access to Demo Day Events

    For each regional track we will hold roundtable discussions as well as pitch events for an audience of potential strategic and financial partners

    Consideration for Funding

    All selected companies will be screened for eligibility to receive funding from the Impact-Linked Fund for Gender-Inclusive Fintech

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Seedstars Financial Innovations for Women Affected by Migration for Later-Stage Fintech Startups

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