School beats academic giants in Embu County

Embu, Kenya: Nyangwa Boys’ Secondary School in Embu County was thrust in the limelight after it emerged the best in the country in History and Government.

The school attained a mean of 11.2373 in last year’s KCSE examinations. This was besides being ranked position two in the county and 58 nationally with a mean of 9.46.

The school beat academic giants recently promoted to national status in the county. The institution’s performance was in the past affected by miraa trade

The Principal Musyoka Moshe attributes the good performance to concerted efforts between the administration, the parents and the students Musyoka.

The results are the best the school has ever achieved since inception in 1940s.

Mr Moshe who also teaches History and Government said discipline and hard work enabled the boys to perform.

The principal who joined the school in 2012 said the subject was not popular then but he immediately embarked on changing the attitude of the students to improve performance.

He revealed that they finish the syllabus by end of May and afterwards sit for continuous assessment tests, which they also revise.

Moshe said he wakes up by 4am to ensure students go for preps. "Success can never be realised without working hard for it. After finishing the syllabus, our students sit for many exams in preparation for KCSE. Which question then can’t they answer in any exams?" Musyoka posed.

The school has two other History and Government teachers but they only mark and revise exams with students.

They also identify the areas of weaknesses in individual students. He further said motivational speakers are regularly invited to speak to students.

Moshe said there was a period when students were dropping out of school to join miraa trade while others consumed the drug.

Ninety four out of 116 students who sat for the examinations are expected to join public universities.

This is compared to 2012 when managed to send only 65 students to institutions of higher learning.

- The Standard, Saturday, March 8th 2014.

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