Scholarship Application Deadline

by Omar

I am very pleased with Advance Africa. Your work really has given me a lot of insight to wards education. However, given the excitement I have, I have not yet got a chance of winning any scholarship or grant or internship , otherwise I continue to try my best.

The only comment I can make besides the good hope I have with the website, some times, the messages concerning the scholarships, grants are sent late actually after the deadlines or at times, they are sent just when at the verge of the deadlines.

My request would possibly be only to improve in the timing of sending of the messages concerning the scholarships and or grants.

However, I feel great satisfaction with Advance Africa website. I pray that you continue serving us.


Omar Kigenyi


Thank Omar.

We do our best to ensure you get the scholarships well before the deadlines.

However, many scholarships are offered every year and we hope that letting you know about them several months after the year's deadline will help you beat the next application deadline.


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