Request for Proposals: Transformative Care Agendas in the Global Majority

Request for Proposals: Transformative Care Agendas in the Global Majority

The SAGE Fund uses an open Request for Proposals (RFP) process to create an interactive and inclusive process with a wide range of groups and movements to inform and help shape the focus of a thematic set of grants. This participatory process enables SAGE to craft grantmaking and learning initiatives that respond to the needs and opportunities emerging in the field.

The SAGE Fund, in collaboration with the Ford Foundation Future of Work(ers) program, invites concept notes from Global Majority organizations, movements, unions and cooperatives to develop care strategies, agendas, and movement building that are grounded in local, national or regional opportunities.

Projects should leverage available opportunities to develop transformative policies, laws, models and narratives that advance a fair social organization of care that includes paid and unpaid care work and centers the dignity, rights and agency of those providing and receiving care. Projects should be focused on and take place in Africa, Asia, Latin America and/or the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Eligibility to receive funds:

Eligible organizations must either

  • Be a legally registered charity in the local country and have a bank account that is capable of receiving international wire transfers; or

  • Designate a legally registered charity (or entity eligible to receive charitable funds) in the country and has a local bank account capable of receiving international wire transfers to serve as the project’s fiscal agent.

  • Given the size of the grants offered, all applicants must have the ability to absorb and
    manage a US $100,000 project grant. Therefore, if an organization is applying alone, it
    would need to have an annual budget of US $200,000 or greater. If applying in partnership, the size and the annual budgets of the partners may vary, but at least one of the partners must meet the minimum annual budget of US $200,000. The grantee
    partner must have the financial infrastructure and capacity to receive and manage a US US $100,000 on
    behalf of the other partners.

  • We are unable to provide grant funding to organizations that are based in any of the
    following countries, nor can we support projects that are conducting activities directly in
    these countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, India, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria,
    Ukraine (Russian-Occupied Territories), Yemen.

    Grant support:

    Organizations may apply for a grant from US $100,000 - $150,000 for a term up to 18 months
    and for project activities with a clear start and end date. Recognizing that the timeline for
    strategies is often longer than one and a half years, please think of the project funding period
    as a phase in a longer-term process and design it with feasible outcomes at the end of a 12–18-
    month period.

    At this time, one grant round will be funded out of this RFP, with the aim to inform other funders’ grantmaking on care, who can take up and continue to support the work seeded through this RFP. There is no dedicated renewal funding for this initiative at this time.

    Therefore, please be aware that this is a one-time grant from the SAGE Fund, and the proposal
    should therefore be designed as a stand-alone phase of work.

    Grant funds are not intended as core support, although SAGE understands the need and is
    flexible in covering staffing and other core costs as part of a sustainable project. Grant funds
    may not be used to support lobbying or political activities.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Request for Proposals: Transformative Care Agendas in the Global Majority

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