Proposition of the Scholarship Awards legibility - must be in a state of equilibrium

by George Antwi-Boateng
(Milan - Italy)

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished executive Members:

As a long time resident in the European Union, I am really happy that as a subscriber, I have been allowed to share my ideas with you.

For some years now, I have been studying either as a distance or part-time student. On several occasions, I have been travelling to London for Intensive Studies and sitting for exams as well as attending Colleges and Institutes in Milan whiles still working as any ordinary person. I have thus, been awarded Graduation Certificates accordingly.

My admission into the university of phoenix: I have been admitted as an 'on-line' student for the Bachelor of Science-Business management (after presenting my Studies Profiles), the following are my admissions details;
1) My IRN Number- 9023863767
2) My Enrolment Adviser-Sandra Della Fina (based in the Netherlands as an 'International Admissions Adviser').

Unfortunately for me, like many other Africans resident in Europe and working for a long time, have no strength to continue the hard work in the factories.

My physical disability: With the help of my Doctor, I have subsequently been awarded its certificate, thus, I have been compelled to come back fully to finish my studies to enable me continue my career with a real Graduation Profession(as I have got no option). As my current status needs a slow process to enable me get settled with a proper and a genuine job, I am really finding it tough to make earns meet.

University of phoenix-tuition fees: its a 'Twenty Core Courses'(60 Credits). One Course cost 1.557 US Dollars (around 1.000 Euro) including the books.

My current documentary status: I have an 'Indefinite stay' in Milan-Italy, however this does not give me any sorts of privilege to benefit from Scholarships Award Scheme because it’s not a full EU-Citizenships Equivalence.

Distinctions between my presence status and African/Commonwealth financial aids assistance boards:
After thorough navigation in the internet in search for awards like 'Grants or Loans' the results are always that their 'Legibility' are for the Africans resident permanently in our African Continent.

I am stuck-up: I am kindly appealing to the various boards to make some 'Reforms to bring their awarding schemes into EQUILIBRIUM' whereby there would be some Clauses in its Legibility to include all Africans resident outside the Continent who may fall into victims in a situation as mine.

My sincere and deepest acknowledgements to you for allowing me space to comment and express my views. We really need people like you, dedicated, sympathetic and committed to the functionaries in serving the needs and desires of fellow Africans. Only God knows how to reward you for all these gesture. Thanks again, and God Bless us all.

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