The main implement used for primary tillage is a plough. Ploughing essentially

consists of opening the upper crust of the soil, breaking the clods and making the soil
suitable for sowing seeds. The purpose of ploughing can be summarized as follows
  • To obtain a deep seed bed of good texture.
  • To increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
  • To improve soil aeration.
  • To destroy weeds and grasses.
  • To destroy insects and pests.
  • To prevent soil erosion and
  • To add fertility to the soil by covering vegetation.
    Classification of ploughs according to power used
    a) Bullock drawn ploughs- indigenous types
    i) Walking type
    - Short beam
    - Long beam
    ii) Riding type
    b) Tractor drawn ploughs
    i) mounted type
    ii) Semi mounted type

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