Peter's ghost dog

by Farhan asain jaudheen
(U.A.E,Dubai,Al quos - ind.4)

Once upon a time,

There was a little guy called peter.he was very alone in his own several,he asked his father 'i need a pet for my birthday'then father said that'sorry peter,I can't buy a pet for your birthday' because,me and your mother are not getting more salary for when we get more money we will definitely buy a pet for you.when peter hear that he became so sad.he shut the door very harshly and went to his bed.peter cried a bit and started broking everything. At a unfortunately he saw a brown dog sitting on the corner of his bed.he became shocked at that moment.then the dog said: peter do not worry about these things,just take it off easy.peter got surprised that the dog can speak.then Peter started talking to the dog and they both enjoyed a lot.when his mother passed from his room,he was talking him his mother took him to the doctor and the doctor said nothing to worry about him.then the dog said bye bye peter.i have to go to other childrens like you who are feeling themselves alone that's my duty.because of this purpose only god has sent me to the world....

Thank you......
Everyone 😊😊

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