PARDICOLOR Creative Arts Fund for Artists

PARDICOLOR Creative Arts Fund for Artists

The PARDICOLOR Creative Arts Fund was founded in 2020 to provide small grants to artists making work on wildlife and the environment. Our mission is to support artists and save Earth’s biodiversity, through empowering artists and communities to create art, inspiring change and raising awareness on the critical issues that threaten wildlife and habitats today.

Three Guiding Principles inform our approach and include the Right to Thrive (for species), the Right to Make Art (for artists), and the Right to Know (for people)

Who Can Apply

We’re interested in supporting artists who want to make art for art’s sake (for example, a new rendering of an understudied species), and also those artists whose work falls into Artistic Activism, or ‘Artivism’. We support artists from across the globe, with a particular focus on artists from underrepresented communities and regions, as well as applicants from places or countries where there is a lack of funding available to artists. Artists of all levels may apply.


The themes and topics that we want to support and encourage artists to apply under include; individual species lives’, climate change storytelling (environmental destruction, biodiversity loss and the climate emergency), unique landscapes, habitats and environments (forests, oceans, deserts, urban etc.), responses to socio-environmental changes, & Indigenous responses to environmental change and conservation.

How to Apply

For more information and job application details, see; PARDICOLOR Creative Arts Fund for Artists

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