Organic Waste-to-Value Initiative (OWTVI) Training Program for Ghanaian Youths

Organic Waste-to-Value Initiative (OWTVI) Training Program for Ghanaian Youths


The Organic Waste-to-Value Initiative (OWTVI) is a groundbreaking 3-year project centered around job creation in the organic waste management sector in and around Nsawam. Executed by the Centre for Enterprise Learning in collaboration with GIZ and MDF West Africa as a develoPPP project, OWTVI is set to kick off in January 2024 with a suite of comprehensive training programs for potential entrepreneurs in Nsawam.

Training Programs

The OWTVI training programs are structured to nurture entrepreneurial talent at different stages of development. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

Ideation Program (Three Months)

  • Duration: 8 training days

  • Description: This program is all about fostering creativity and innovation. It provides individuals or teams with the tools and guidance to brainstorm, problem-solve, and explore new business concepts. Whether you have an existing idea or not, this program will help you develop a prototype by the end of it.

    Incubation Program (Three Months)

  • Duration: 10 training days

  • Description: For those taking their first steps in entrepreneurship, the Incubation Program is designed to help you refine your business model. Through sessions on business development and market research, you’ll learn how to make your business more sustainable and possibly formalize its registration.

    Acceleration Program (Six Months)

  • Duration: 15 training days

  • Description: The Acceleration Program is geared toward registered businesses looking to grow. It covers market expansion, partnerships, and provides insights into accessing financial resources like loans and microfinance.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Organic Waste-to-Value Initiative (OWTVI) Training Program for Ghanaian Youths

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