Objective Type Questions

1. Land side helps to resist side pressure exerted by furrow slice

11 on the mould board plough True / False

12 In mould board plough land side helps to resist side pressure

2. exerted by furrow slice True / False

3. Which one of the following is an accessory to mould board plough?

4. a. Share b. mould board c. frog d. jointer

5. Horizontal suction allowed in mould board plough is

6. a. 5 mm b. 10-12 mm c. 15 mm d. 20 mm

7. Horizontal component of pull is called

8. a. Pull b. draft c. unit draft d. None

9. Total draft of a 4 bottom mould board plough is 1600 kg. What is the draft of a single bottom
a. 1600 kg b. 1200 kg c. 800 kg d. 400 kg

In disc ploughs tilt angel varies between

10. a. 15-25° b. 25-35° c. 35-45° d. 45-50°

11 Width of operation of a 2 x 30 cm disc
plough is

11. a. 30 cm b. 60 cm c. 90cm d. 120 cm
11 Disc angle in a standard disc plough varies from

12. a. 25-35 ° b. 40-45 ° c. 45-55 ° d. 55-65 °
13. 13. In stony and rocky fields mould board plough works better

11 than disc plough true/false

14. A disc plough can be forced to penetrate into the soil which is too hard

15. 15. and dry for working with a mouldboard plough. true/false

16. 16. Disc plough leaves the soil in rough and more cloddy condition than that
of mouldboard plough. true/false

17. Differentiate rotary tiller and chisel plough.

18. A levelling board is attached to the rear side of the unit for levelling the tilled soil.
True / False

19. Deep tillage shatters compacted sub soil layers and aids in better infiltration and
storage of rainwater in the crop root zone. True / False

20. Chisel ploughing reduces the bulk density of soil True / False

21. Rotary tiller combines both primary and secondary tillage Operations
True / False

22. Rotavator combines primary and secondary tillage operations
i. True / False

23. Compacted areas prevent the natural drainage of the soil and

24. also inhibit the passage of air and nutrients through the soil structure
True / False

25. A country plough cuts a trapezoidal furrow having 8 cm top width and 3 cm
bottom width. The depth of furrow is 8 cm. assume average soil resistance to be 0.6 kg/cm2/. Calculate the pull exerted by the bullocks if the chain forms an angle
of 30° with horizontal

26. Two bullocks weighing 400 kg each are pulling an implement with a speed of 3
km/h. The depth of furrow is 8 cm.. Assume soil resistance to be 0.6 kg/cm2
Calculate the pull exerted by bullocks if the chain forms an angle of 30° with the

27. A three bottom 40 cm mouldboard plough has a working depth of 15 cm, draft is 1200 kg, fuel efficiency is 80 5, and working speed is 4 km/h. calculate
a) Unit draft
b) Power required
c) actual field capacity

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