NRC Accelerated Education Curriculum Development Consultant Jobs in Tanzania

NRC Accelerated Education Curriculum Development Consultant Jobs in Tanzania

  • NRC is seeking a French-speaking curriculum development expert to lead the co-development of an accelerated education curriculum for Burundian refugees in Tanzania. / NRC cherche un expert francophone en développement de curriculum pour diriger le co développement d’un curriculum accélérée pour les refugies burundais en Tanzanie.


  • The NRC education programme in Tanzania aims to improve access to quality and protective basic education (pre-school, primary and lower secondary) for displacement affected children and includes the development and delivery of an Accelerated Education Programme (AEP). AEPs are flexible, age-appropriate programmes, run in an accelerated timeframe, which aim to provide access to education for disadvantaged, over-age, out-of-school children and youth – particularly those who missed out on, or had their education interrupted due to poverty, marginalisation, conflict and crisis. The goal of Accelerated Education Programmes is to provide learners with equivalent, certified competencies for basic education using effective teaching and learning approaches that match their level of cognitive maturity.

  • The programme targets refugees of Burundian origin in Nduta and Mtendeli camps in the Kigoma region of Tanzania, where education, because of policy, is delivered using the Burundian curriculum. The language of
    instruction is Kirundi across years 1-4 with a transition to French as language of instruction thereafter. According to the Burundi Transitional Plan for Education 2018 – 2020 (Plan transitoire de l'éducation au Burundi 2018 – 2020), the basic education curriculum in Burundi has been revised. Participation in education is particularly low among Burundian adolescents and youth with 78% of children enrolled in primary school and just 3% participating in secondary education across the camps. While an accelerated education programme is currently in place, it only covers the early years of primary education and is based on the old Burundi curriculum. There is a need to develop an Accelerated Education Curriculum based on the revised Burundi curriculum for use in the camps.

    Scope of the Assignment and Methodology

  • The consultant will be expected to provide technical expertise and lead in a consultative and collaborative process to develop an Accelerated Education curriculum.

    This includes the following main components:

  • Conduct desk review and produce inception report

  • Lead the co-development of a Curriculum Map

  • Consolidate Map and develop Curriculum Introduction and report

    How to Apply

  • The deadline for the application is 15 February 2021.

  • Interested candidates are invited to send an email to


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