Nile Basin Initiative Individual National consultant Jobs in Uganda

Nile Basin Initiative Individual National consultant Jobs in Uganda

Closing date: 10 Apr 2019

1. Introduction
The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is a partnership of the 10 Nile Basin riparian states with a shared vision objective to promote sustainable socio-economic development through the equitable utilization of and benefit from the shared Nile Basin water resources.

NBI has three programs, namely, the Basin-Wide Program implemented by the NBI Secretariat located in Entebbe, Uganda, the Eastern Nile Subsidiary Action Program (ENSAP) implemented by the Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) implemented by NELSAP Coordination Unit located in Kigali, Rwanda.

The ENSAP and NELSAP focus on preparation and implementation facilitation of investments in water infrastructure in the Eastern Nile sub-basins and the Nile Equatorial Lakes sub-basins, respectively.

The Basin-Wide Program has a geographic scope of the entire Nile Basin and focuses on facilitating the dialogue among the riparian countries, carrying out analytic work (such as strategic water resources analysis) to inform the dialogue, formulation of transboundary policies, strengthening basin monitoring and data sharing and capacity development for cooperative water resources management.

To support the on-going strategic water resources analysis, the Nile-Sec has employed a team of international consultants to develop projections of water demand and scenarios of water saving from key uses in the Municipal and Industrial sectors, hereinafter referred to as ‘demand Projection Consultant’ in order to support the activities that will be carried out by the consultants NileSec intends to employ a local/national consultant to support in data collection and other activities outlined in this TOR, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Assignment’.

This document presents the Terms of Reference for the Assignment. The Consultants shall be selected competitively based on Nile-SEC’s procurement procedures.

Because of the nature of the assignment, the National Consultants shall be resident in the following countries that are participating in the project – Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. One consultant shall be selected per country.

2. Background
The NBI Secretariat (Nile-Sec) launched its strategic water resources analysis in 2015 and completed the first phase in 2016.

The strategic water resources analysis is aimed at developing options of measures (water resources infrastructure and management options) for meeting the growing water demand in the Nile Basin sustainably reducing the stress on the river system and minimizing water allocation related tensions among the riparian countries.

The first phase of the analysis focused on water supply and demand assessment and yielded estimates of water availability and water demands/uses as of 2014 and projections into 2050.

Further, a Nile Basin water resources model was developed, which included existing water infrastructure and those planned to be implemented in the 2050 time horizon.

According to plans compiled from the Nile Basin countries, irrigated agriculture is expected to expand approximately by 60 percent of the 2014 baseline.

Further, irrigation water demand is expected to remain the main water user (estimated to consume up to 75 – 80 % of water) in the foreseeable future.

According to UN estimate1, total population of the basin countries is projected to reach 932 Million to 1.14 Billion inhabitants (low and high growth variant).

The first phase estimated current (as of 2014) M and I water demands for selected urban centers but no projection was made for 2050. Therefore, the Nile-Sec intends to refine current estimates of M and I water demand/use and projections into the 2050 time horizon.

Further, in order to support generation of options for meeting the growing water demand more efficiently, the Nile-Sec plans to develop options for water saving in the M and I water use sectors.

3. Objective
The purpose of this consultancy service is to support NileSec and the team of demand projection consultants contracted by NileSec through collecting and analyzing national data related to use of water for municipal and Industrial within the Nile basin based according to data requirements outlined by the Nile-sec.

The specific objectives of the assignment includes:

i) Develop methodology for secondary data collection and identification of relevant data sources.

ii) Conduct data collection based on outlined list of data requirements and submit the database and corresponding metadata.

iii) Engage in data verification and validation as specified by M&I projection consultant

iv) Participate in meetings and workshops - as required - to get feedbacks

4. Scope
of work

The scope of work shall include the secondary data collection, processing, consulting and any other analytic work on secondary data preparation that will be needed to carry out the projections.

  • to gather the dataset from relevant institutes based on the data requirement outlined by M&I consultant

  • Liaise with the M&I consultants throughout the project period Follow up with data providers if the collected data needs clarification or missing information Establish communication channels with consultant and arrange regular meetings

  • He/she will need to build on that database, filling information gaps through primary research. The data will also need to be refined, analyzed and presented in a standardized format in order to facilitate effective data visualization. The Consultant shall be responsible for the completeness and quality control of all data collected which shall be supervised by M&I projection consultant

  • Identify sources of data

  • Collect data and using the data collection questionnaire prepared by the M&I water demand projection consultant Submit the collected data to NBI / M&I consultant in a standardized format provided by the M & I consultant.

    The scope of work includes, but not limited to, the following Tasks:

    1) **Planning***: Develop methodology and identify data sources*

    a. Identify data sources based on data requirements that will be outlined by the M&I projection consultant. These data sources might include but not limited to national master plans, primary data collected by ministries and municipalities, national census data, and other relevant national and regional institutes.

    b. After reviewing the required list of data, the consultant shall propose the appropriate methodology for secondary data collection, compilation and processing. Data analysis might include gap filling, data validation/verification and documenting in appropriate format for archive. This methodology shall be reviewed and agreed by NileSec and the M&I projection consultant before data collection.

    c. Review existing database at NileSec and provide feedback

    2) Data collection:

    a. The Consultant will be responsible for conducting the data collection as per the agreed methodology

  • Submit draft version of dataset

  • The consultant will facilitate the online survey for data collection that is developed by the M&I projection consultants

    3) Data analysis: Data analysis , validation and database preparation

    a. The consultant will be required to carry out quality control of data collected and this shall be supervised by the Demand forecasting consultant

    b. Based on the agreed methodology the consultant will carry out data gap filling in order to comment and document on the process and finding.

    c. Carry out primary statistics and calculate trends etc.. for time series datasets.

    d. Build database (GIS and Spreadsheet) consistent with the framework developed by the M &I projection consultant

    e. Metadata containing all the relevant information about the data source, data collected and description of analysis on the data.

    4) Reporting: Data report and handover

    a. Submit a final report containing documentation on findings, gap filling process etc..

    b. Participate in discussion meetings with NBI and the M&I projection consultant and provide feedback

    c. Submit final version of dataset

    d. Communicate with the M&I projection consultant during the planning and data collection phases. Communications could include emails, skype calls, telephone conference calls, etc.

    5. Implementation arrangement
    The consultant shall sign contract with NBI Secretariat. The contract shall be a lump-sum contract where payment shall be upon submission of acceptable deliverables (see deliverables list and payment schedule above).

    The Nile-Sec shall be responsible for the technical oversight. The Nile-Sec shall designate one of its senior staffs as the task manager to whom the Consultant shall report. The consultant shall work from his/her home venue and partly from the NBI secretariat.

    6. Minimum qualifications and experience
    The national expert should meet the following academic and expertise as a minimum:

  • An MSC or equivalent degree in regional development, integrated water resources management or related fields. Educational background in statistical analysis and data processing will be added advantage

  • Working knowledge of a GIS , spreadsheet and database application

  • Proven relevant work experience with at-least 3 similar assignments

  • A minimum of 7 years of work experience out of which about 5 years should be related to urban water management.

  • Good communication and presentation skills

    How to Apply:
    Interested applicants, should send their current Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to the following dedicated email address ; The closing date to receive applications shall be not later than 5.00 pm East African Time, on 10th April, 2019.

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