Newsletter Adjustment!

by Francis Coker

Hi Joe, I am very happy to note that you and your team welcome ideas from us subscribers. The idea I want to suggest here to to match in future news letters according to the subscriber's CV or profile. By so doing I think it makes it easier for subscribers to access directly the areas of interest than exposing the subscriber to a maze of links and sublinks.

For instance I am Francis Coker and I am interested in Jobs, scholarships and internships that are related to environmental, water and food security. I am sure I will appreciate a newsletter that is limited to these issues than sending the whole stuff.

I hope my contribution makes some sense.

Regards from me:

Francis Coker


Points noted. Many individuals would want scholarships etc specific to their areas of interest.

Being a free service, this is currently out of my reach. I have to purchase hosting and newsletter credits each week.

The website also takes so much of my time. Unless it was a paid service, this would be difficult to implement.


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