National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda Social and Demographic Statistics Data Team Leader Jobs

National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda Social and Demographic Statistics Data Team Leader Jobs

Key Activities and Responsibilities

  • A Senior Data scientist can expect the unique experience of shaping the realisation of the Data Revolution Policy at NISR. This includes overseeing the construction of data infrastructure that will bring NISR to an exceptional standard of practice in the field of data science. In achieving this, successful applicants will be provided with ample opportunity to further their position as an expert in this exciting area of work.

    As this is a new role in NISR, the successful candidate will be expected to shape their own role according to NISR’s needs, but NISR expects their main activities to include:

    • Manage a team of data scientists in NISR to scope and deliver data science projects that support NISR to achieve its mandate of supporting evidence- based decision making across government. You will oversee projects using a variety of different data sources and data science techniques. Pipeline projects include analysis of large, granular, unstructured datasets from other government departments, interactive visualisations to improve dissemination of NISR data, and automation to improve the efficiency of NISR processes.

    • Encourage a culture of innovation and learning. Teach others to become effective data scientists by identifying data science capacity gaps and facilitating training/mentoring to fill them. This includes facilitating both formal training and informal ‘on
    – the- job’ technical capacity building on data curation, analysis and visualization (R, GIS, and/or Python skills preferred);

    • Work with ICT specialists to create an environment in which data scientists can work effectively and
    teach others to use and maintain this environment.

    • Provide technical oversight and quality assurance of NISR’s data science projects to ensure they meet the customer’s objectives and are delivered in line with technical and analytical standards from across the data science community;

    • Promote and role model best practice in planning, managing and communicating data science projects to ensure they are a success for both NISR and the customer. This includes establishing and enforcing effective ways of working across the Data Science Team as well as documenting and sharing good practice across NISR and the NSS,

    • Oversee good data management within the NISR Data Science Team, and promote good practice in data management across the NSS;

    • Form productive relationships with other teams across NISR to understand their priorities and identify opportunities for new data science projects of value to NISR. Communicate the value of data science to senior managers.

    • Support the data science community across the NSS, including key institutions in government, civil society, the private sector and academia. This may include developing and sharing good practice guidance, facilitating cross
    – departmental training and presenting data science projects.

    • Assist in the design of institutional policies and strategies for data access and sharing, data protection, capacity building, etc.

    Job Profile

    Qualifications and experiences

  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences, Data Science, Computer Science or Software Engineering with three (3) years working experience in data management;

    How to Apply

  • For more information and job application details, see; National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda Social and Demographic Statistics Data Team Leader Jobs

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