My opinion About the Question

by Waran Tomiji Isaiah
(Ndejje University, Uganda)

First and foremost of all, I greatly recognise your presence Mr.Joe Ngugi for the tireless services you are rendering to us by always spreading updates about Advance Africa Programs to our accounts.

However, my own opinions to the above question goes as follows;

We ought to be transparent in all levels of
the programmes that are currently being run by Advance Africa. This enables each subscriber to have a full knowledge of such activities and moral to participate in terms of spreading the news about the organisation to others.

This means that being birds of the same kind or feather, we should completely feel free and be able to make inquiries of any issue he/she may need more feedback on or not clear with and needs more explanation. In other words, we should feel contented and be willing to radiate, mobilise and transform peoples' lives from their old ways of life to believing in Christ. By so doing, more customers will testify to others, attract them and share out their differences as well as freely interact with them hence a great help.

Lastly, Advance Africa should be able to respond to various queries, documents, comments etc posted by its esteemed members for reliability whether positive or vice-versa and be able to give necessary advice to spiritually , politically and economically traumatised clients.

Therefore, the above points is part of my contribution on how we can make Advance Africa better in meeting our needs.

God bless you.


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