More Opportunities for Undergraduates

by Longoli Simon Peter.
(Kampala, Uganda)

I am mostly interested in opportunities for undergraduate students since am one and that material will be helpful.

I also recently tried filling some forms on-line. I was surprised to note that I just could not manage to continue in the application processes because they seem to be tailored to suit the needs of US citizens.

This can be a major set back. What is needed in most of these are the Provinces, the States and they are a precondition for completing an application.

If I also got an on-line job or on-line degree scholarship I will really be happy.

As I commend you for the good work you are doing for us.

Thanks for giving me a chance to try to get a scholarship, hoping I will get one.


Whenever readers inform me that they need a zip code to fill a scholarship form, I definitely know they have landed on the wrong form.

Scholarships on this website do not need a zip code as they are meant for international students. Check again the forms you are trying to fill in.

Online jobs and online degrees are perfect ways to get conned, waste your time and loose your money.

Work from home scams & Site Build it.

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