Medair Consultant – Nutrition Causal Jobs in South Sudan

Medair Consultant – Nutrition Causal Jobs in South Sudan

Gain a sound understanding of the causes of acute malnutrition among the children 6-59 months old and the pregnant and lactating women in Renk County. Specifically, the study will result in the production of a causal pathway model through exploring the immediate and, more importantly, underlying risks factors and causes of acute malnutrition and trends.
Highlight what food and non-food related causes should be taken into consideration in future acute malnutrition reduction programme planning and humanitarian interventions

Desk study of secondary data (SMART Surveys 2017-2019, KPC Surveys 2017-2019, Exhaustive mass MUAC Screening—previous and October 2019 will be available).
Assess risk factors’ magnitude and severity, through quantitative study: the Risk Factor Survey is intended to measure the magnitude and severity of a range of under-nutrition risk factors. The tool developed should also capture information on potential economic/financial causality and affordability issues contributing to the persistent high level of acute malnutrition

Qualitative data collection including: focus group discussions, key informant interview, gathering more information on case histories of acutely malnourished and well-nourished children, information on dietary habits: i) Develop a local definition and understanding of under-nutrition; ii) Characterise food security, health, and care in the community; iii) Explore respondent perceptions of the causes and consequences of poor food security, health, and care in relation to under-nutrition; iv) Understand the practices of caregivers of positive deviant children (i.e., well-nourished and healthy children of parents who seemingly face the same challenges and barriers as parents of under-nourished children); v) Identify seasonal and historical trends in under-nutrition and risk factors; vi) Understand how the community prioritizes these factors.


  • All travel arrangements to and from the airport of departure in country of above (reasonable travel costs to and from the airport will be reimbursable by
    Medair; reasonable means public transport, second-class travel and taxis only if no other options or if late at night).
  • To arrange the required visas for travel to Juba (visa cost reimbursed by Medair). Kenyan citizens Visas can be done upon arrival in South Sudan.
  • Fulfill the above outputs as listed within the timeframe stated.
  • Provide their own medical insurance and obtain the necessary vaccinations before the start of the consultancy (not reimbursable by Medair).
  • The consultant/s shall be responsible for his/her income tax and/or insurance during the assignment. However consultancy fees are taxable in South Sudan. Medair will therefore withhold 10% income tax on the consultancy fees.
  • Comply with South Sudan security plan and recommendations on dress and behavior, as given to expat staff.
  • Provide laptop, software, or any other relevant equipment for personal use and report writing (not chargeable to or reimbursable by Medair).


  • At least 4 year expertise and experience in root causal analysis of acute malnutrition/food insecurity
  • A proven track record of high quality work/ product previously done in understanding causes of acute malnutrition in Sub-Saharan African countries (preferably in South Sudan)
  • Strong capacity for meeting deadlines, an ability to prioritize tasks within his/her work program and strategies for working both collectively with others in a team and independently to deliver high quality products.
  • Excellent facilitation skills, ability to bring together stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds.
  • Strong leadership and team work abilities.
  • Strong information-gathering and analytical skills, coupled with excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • An understanding or knowledge of and experience in CMAM programming in humanitarian contexts.

    How to Apply

    Interested applicants are requested to submit the aforementioned documents by October, 30th 2019 through e-mail to

    For more information and job application details, see; Medair Consultant – Nutrition Causal Jobs in South Sudan

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