Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Grants Programme

Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Grants Programme

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust is accepting applications for its grants programme to protect animals and to promote and encourage practical work in preventing animal cruelty and the relief of animal suffering.

These are made to organisations for positive contributions that meet the objectives of the Trust.

Since the Trust was founded it has supported a wide variety of projects including spay/neuter programmes, the search for alternatives to the use of animals in research, anti-poaching programmes, establishing veterinary hospitals, clinics and training programmes, a network of animal sanctuaries, as well as and in particular, assisting smaller groups committed to the cause of animal welfare. Special projects at a variety of sanctuaries and refuges have also been funded.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no restrictions on the geographical area of the work (with the exception of the USA and Canada).

All applications meeting the following criteria will be considered by the Trust:

  • Those encouraging initiatives designed to improve animal welfare.

  • Those promoting alternative methods to animal experimentation and their practical implementation.

  • Those promoting and encouraging practical work in alleviating suffering and preventing cruelty to animals.

  • Those groups who are registered charities or non-government organisations.

    Grant Conditions

  • All Grant Applications must be animal welfare orientated and be of direct benefit to animals.

  • Applications for vehicles; expeditions; activities that are not totally animal welfare related; educational studies or other courses; the payment of salaries; support for conferences and meetings will not be considered.

  • Grant Applications must only be submitted by e-mail. All must be completed in the English language and wherever possible typed.

  • Applicants are expected to also have applied to other grant making Trusts and organisations for financial support for the project.

  • Applicants are not permitted at the same time or during the same year, to submit a grant application to the Trust’s sister charity - the Foundation Marchig.

  • Grant Applications must be completed in full and supported with the applicants most recent Financial Accounts and Annual Report.

  • Whilst they carefully and sympathetically consider all applications that meet the criteria, it is not possible to either give reasons why applications are not successful, or enter into any dialogue or correspondence regarding projects which have failed to receive funding. The decision of the Trustees is final.

  • Where a grant is given for the construction of a building (e.g.
    veterinary hospital, clinic, animal shelter) the support of the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust must be suitably acknowledged e.g. “The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Cat Shelter”. It should be noted that when applying for such a grant, outline plans will be required together with a list of internal fitments and equipment to be used. The Trust will only support the construction of building’s that are functional for the task required and have no “frills”.

  • Before a grant is given for sterilisation costs through the use of private veterinarians, these costs will have to be made known and agreed by the Trust. Reasonable but yet considerable discounted costs from the veterinarians to be used will be expected.

  • A Grant Acceptance Form must be completed and returned before any monies will be released.

  • Failure to return a Grant Acceptance Form within one month of one being sent will result in the offer of the grant falling by default.

  • The Marchig Trust reserves the right to rescind the grant at any time should any of the conditions applying to the grant are changed or not fulfilled in any way without the prior approval of the Marchig Trust; or it is felt that in the opinion of the Trustees, that it is appropriate to do so.

  • Where grant monies have been released, failure by an applicant to return the accompanying Form of Receipt will result in the organisation not being eligible for future funding.

  • A report on how the grant monies were used together with supporting photographs is mandatory. Failure by an applicant to produce such a report within a specified period will result in the organisation not being eligible for future funding.

  • Applicants can only re-apply a minimum of twelve months from the date of the conclusion of the previous application process, except in exceptional circumstances.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Grants Programme

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