Management Systems International Communications Specialist/ Photography & Videography Kenya and East Africa Development Outreach and Communications Support program Vacancies in Kenya

Management Systems International Communications Specialist/ Photography & Videography Kenya and East Africa Development Outreach and Communications Support program Vacancies in Kenya

Communications Specialist/ Photography & Videography Kenya and East Africa Development Outreach and Communications Support program

The Communications Specialist/Photography & Videography will be a part of a 5-person communications team supporting the USAID Kenya and East Africa (USAID/KEA) Development Outreach and Communications (DOC) Support Program. S/he will report to the Chief of Party and work full-time at MSIs Nairobi field office.

S/he will participate in the full scope of strategic communication support tasksincluding the development and production of information products and publications, event coverage, field work, media monitoring, social media management, strategy development and writingwith an emphasis on leading in photography/videography.

S/he will also be responsible for providing in-depth coverage of one or two of the USAID/KEAs seven technical offices: economic growth and integration; education and youth; health population and nutrition; democracy governance and conflict; and environment, plus Food for Peace and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.

Essential Duties

  • Maintain a clear understanding of the missions bilateral and regional portfolio and structure, as well as mission and Agency communications objectives and communicate this information appropriately and effectively.
  • Contribute to the professional presentation and execution of communications products and services and contribute to systems to track metrics/indicators that will translate the effectiveness of these efforts.
  • Produce compelling, relevant content that adheres to branding and style guidelines and uses a consistent tone, style and language to communicate to the target audience
  • Interpret complex, technical language and make it understandable for lay audiences
  • Create systems to remain updated on important news and developments in his/her field of coverage by engaging in social listening or subscribing to relevant news alerts or e-newsletters or other sources.
  • Tailor content to various audiences, if required, within his/her field of coverage and be able to establish credibility in his/her interactions with technical colleagues in this field of expertise.
  • Build positive, professional and productive relationships with USAID and their implementing partners.
  • Participate in and contribute to presentations at quarterly coordinating, strategy and performance review meetings that assess MSI efforts during the previous quarter.
  • Contribute to the accountability of the project by tracking/updating content and tasks using project management and filing systems.
  • Support coordination and facilitation of USAIDs community of practice among implementing partner communication staff.
  • Contribute to the development of technical team communications strategies and content plans in their area of coverage.
  • Engage in professional development activities independently or with the team.
  • Be a part of the editorial and creative process, bringing new and creative ideas to the table based on expertise and research.

    Social Media

    The Communications Specialist Photography/Videography will work cooperatively with all members of the team on social media content development.

    These duties include:

  • Monitoring platforms and streams daily to keep up to date on current development and Agency news and partner activities.
  • Contributing to the development of social media messaging and toolkits with draft messages, corresponding links and appropriate images on a regular basis.
  • Scheduling and posting social media content optimally as per the content calendar and checking that all edits have been made and approvals secured prior to publishing.
  • Soliciting social media content on a regular basis from implementing partners within his/her field of coverage that do not have a social presence for placement on mission accounts.
  • Setting up social media advertisements.

    Media Monitoring and Press Relations

    The Communications Specialist Photography/Videography will work collaboratively with the team in media monitoring and press relations, managing these aspects at least one week per month. During this time, duties include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing traditional and online media on a daily basis.
  • Identifying and summarizing relevant mentions in communications to the mission.
  • Contributing to a monthly catalog of news stories that will be further analyzed by an independent media monitoring organization
    on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Facilitating travel, coverage or otherwise liaising with journalists on site visits.
  • Engaging in media calls and preparing/distributing press kits.
  • Updating media contact lists after each event or site visit.
  • Preparing event specific media monitoring reports, on request, that synthesize journalist participation and press coverage.

    Field Work

  • The Communications Specialist
  • Photography/Videography will work cooperatively with other team members to cover events within Kenya and East Africa and participate in field work on a regular basis.

    Duties include:

  • Coordinating with implementing partners to determine logistics and site visits.
  • Working with management and USAID to identify:
  • Final products such as a human-interest story, commentary, newsletter, video documentary, blog post, photo story, social media toolkit, op-ed, audio package or other content for inclusion in annual reports, e-newsletters and brochures and videos.
  • Suggested partners, sites or interviewees.
  • Particular angles and themes that s/he should emphasize.
  • Relevant background and resource documents.


  • Conducting interviews, taking photos, videos, or otherwise supporting field work or events and assisting with other activities, such as assembling materials, setting up signage, tents, etc.
  • Working with other photographers and videographers to capture human interest stories.
  • Obtaining signed digital consent from necessary parties using the Easy Release mobile application.
  • Conducting reconnaissance on sites to determine and report its suitability for future events or stories.
  • Reviewing relevant reports, news articles, social media handles and other online information to prepare for field work
  • Drafting and submitting a short, pre-field brief that outlines sites to be visited, partner/travel contacts, potential interviewees and interview questions before travelling to the field.
  • After returning from the field:
  • Uploading, renaming, tagging and organizing at least 15 high-quality photos captured on each site visit onto the digital asset management system with appropriate captions and metadata.
  • Uploading, renaming, tagging and organizing signed digital Easy Release consent forms.
  • Uploading, renaming, tagging and organizing all raw audio from field interviews.
    Submitting brief final trip report.
  • Adding field contacts physical and email addresses to contact management system.
  • As lead in photography/videography, the Communications Specialist will:

  • Design photography and video projects from concept to finished product.
  • Develop branded templates for short packages that team members can use to create plug and play videos for social media.
  • Work with management to develop and maintain systems and workflows among the team that contribute to the effective management, organization and recall of photo and video assets within the digital asset management (DAM) system. This includes the input of technical, photographic and descriptive metadata; linking image files to existing database entries; and maintaining accurate records of source and credit information.
  • Serve as an expert on the DAM and providing training to staff, as needed.
  • Assist in editing, resizing, proofing and printing of images for special exhibitions or projects.
  • Stay abreast of current technologies and trends in photography and videography that will improve the teams work in this area.
  • Lead or contribute to in-house training on photography/videography topics at least twice a year e.g. photographic techniques, processes, and improvements such as importing metadata, basic Lightroom/Photoshop editing, producing mobile, low cost video; basic photography training, etc.
  • Review photo staff photos and videos for quality.
  • Provide photography/videography inspiration and helpful tips and tricks in this area on a regular basis.
  • Work with social media specialist to create compelling and shareable visuals such as short videos that help the missions handles stand-out on social media
  • Work with management to ensure proper maintenance of equipment on a regular basis.
  • Conduct photo/video research for specific projects.
  • Work with management and subcontractors to execute other photo/video related tasks.
  • Pursue on-going technical training in digital photography and image-editing programs to achieve optimal results.


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    Closing date: 6th December 2018

    How to Apply:

    Apply Here Management Systems International Communications Specialist/ Photography & Videography Kenya and East Africa Development Outreach and Communications Support program Vacancies in Kenya

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