Internet in The Jungle

Internet in the Jungle :


Ullu : A wise old Owl
Kabbu : A white Pigeon
Cybersher : The Jungle King
Bony : The Horse

Scene - 2

Narrator: A year later, Kabbu was sitting with Ullu, talking about the good old days.

Kabbu: Ullu, I never thought of myself as only a carrier of letters. I was much more than just a messenger. I was almost a member of each and every family I visited. I clearly remember the day I carried a letter to Goru, the Gorilla. Since he couldn't read, I read it out to him.

It was from his son-in-law, informing him that he had become a grandfather. Goru jumped up, beating his chest and bellowing with joy! The sound of his excitement still echoes in my ears. Those days, everyone used to wait for me.

Whenever I brought good tidings, I would get something special to eat. And if I brought bad news, the animals would pour their hearts out to me and feel relieved. Ullu, would you believe it, I also used to do a bit of matchmaking!

Ullu: Really?

Kabbu: Of course. I am responsible for getting Biggy, the elephant's daughter, married. Lambu the Giraffe, too, was having a tough time finding a suitable match for his son Danthal. After scouting the jungles, I found him a beautiful and talented bride from Pitara. (looking up sadly at Ullu) Now, all that is over. I have become useless. No one needs me anymore.

Narrator : Just then they saw Bony, the Horse, running at full speed.

Ullu : What's happened, Bony, where are you going?

Bony : I heard there's been an accident near Cybersher's cave. I am rushing there.

Kabbu : Accident! Come, let's go.

Narrator : They found Cybersher pacing up and down, a worried expression on his face.

Cybersher : My son Chhotu fell from a rock and hurt his head very badly. He needs to be operated upon. The best neurosurgeon in Jungledom is Dr. Large. But he lives in Pitara Jungle, which is quite far from here.

Ullu : Why don't you send him an e-mail?

Cybersher : I can't. The entire computer network of our jungle crashed because of the lightning and thunderstorm last night. I sent for the computer engineer but he said it would take him at least three days to repair the damage. I can't wait for three days. Chhotu needs immediate attention!

Kabbu : That's no problem, king. I will go and get Dr. Large.

Cybersher : (his eyes lighting up with hope) Really! W...will you go right away?

Kabbu : Of course! During my days as a postman, it took me eight hours to fly to Pitara. I would rest for four hours, collect the mail and fly back, all within twenty hours. But king, this is an emergency needing immediate action! Our Chhotu's life is in danger. I'll try to get Dr. Large in half the time.

Narrator : Without waiting for the King's reply, he flew off on his important mission. Cybersher and his well-wishers spent the time glancing at their watches and keeping
an eye on Chhotu.

With each passing hour, Sherni's wails grew louder as she watched her cub's life slowly ebb away. About twelve hours later, they heard a flutter of wings. Cybersher looked up. Kabbu was flying towards them, looking dirty, tired and sweaty.

Cybersher : Wh...what happened? Where is Dr. Large?

Narrator: Kabbu pointed in the direction from which he had come, and collapsed on the ground. Cybersher looked up. Dr. Large was approaching, his medical kit clutched firmly in his strong trunk. An hour later, Dr. Large came out, wiping his hands. Cybersher and Sherni rushed forward, with worried faces.

Doctor : There's nothing to worry about. Your cub is safe. If you had delayed by even an hour, the situation could have become very serious. You should thank your postman. I think he's done a great job. I was somewhere in the middle of Pitara attending to a patient when he landed in front of me.

He didn't allow me to waste even a moment. I told him, 'You have just arrived after a long and tiring journey. Rest for some time and then we'll go.' But he just wouldn't listen. 'No, doctor, a young life is involved. Even a moment's delay can prove fatal,' he said. King, you should really thank Kabbu for saving your son's life.

Cybersher : My dear friend, I don't know how to thank you for what you have done for me and my family. Even though you lost your job because of my decision, you paid me back by saving my son's life instead of showing anger.

You have proved once and for all that though technology has made life easier and more fun in many ways, we can't always rely on it. The only thing we can rely on is the love, will power and spirit of creatures like you! It is you, not technology, who is the hero of the day!

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