IFF Global Green Finance Award

IFF Global Green Finance Award


As global energy consumption soars along with rapid economic and population growth amid the rising challenges of climate change worldwide, green growth has become an essential path for economic development and a priority as part of efforts to achieve a low-carbon economy, which is the main hope for saving the planet we live on.

To this end, the International Finance Forum (IFF) initiated the IFF Global Green Finance Award in 2020 to reward innovative green finance solutions worldwide. This award, which leverages IFF's global resources, aims to encourage international cooperation and the exchange of successful practices in this area, as well as to support sustainable development and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The IFF Global Green Finance Award is targeting applicants who offer green financial solutions that promote the transformation of economic growth modes, contribute to pollution prevention, and control and address climate change, as well as improve energy efficiency, energy conservation, and emission reductions. It is a global call for innovation and application practices in policies, systems, industries, services, technologies, and talent building.

Since the Award was launched in 2020, it has been successfully held for four consecutive years, with a total of 40 institutions and 30 projects selected for the Annual and Innovation Awards and 3 institutions for the Spark Award. The IFF Global Green Finance Award 2024 officially launched its global recruitment on May 15, 2024. The award ceremony will be held during the IFF Global Annual Meeting on November 24, 2024.

Salient features of the 2024 awards

Participation in high-level dialog:

  • One representative from the winning company will be eligible to attend the 2024 IFF Annual Meeting, a high-level dialogue platform in global finance;
    Medal and certificate from the IFF.

    Accreditation by authorities:

  • The Jury is composed of distinguished leaders and scholars from the
    global economic and financial realms.

    Attention from key stakeholders:

  • Face-to-face communication with prominent figures in global green finance;

  • Winners are revealed and propagated in the IFF Global Annual report.

    Significant international influence:

  • Positive reports and publicity in global mainstream media will improve the winner’s green finance credentials and enhance their brand image and popularity.

    Award Features

    The IFF Global Green Finance Award consists of Annual Awards for institutions and Innovation Awards for innovative projects.

    Annual Award

    Granted to the institutions that have significant achievements in green finance practices, especially those that have outstanding performances in promoting carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals at the global, regional, or national level, and are committed to addressing climate change and biodiversity conservation. The institution needs to make outstanding contributions to sustainable development but also its green finance business must be both sustainable and profitable. (Max. 10 winners)

    Innovation Award

    Granted to the projects that demonstrate significant innovation in the field of green finance, especially those that have made significant contributions to promoting green transformation, achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, effectively addressing climate change challenges, and promoting the sustainable development goals. The Innovation Award covers, but is not limited to, innovative practices and solutions in policy formulation, institutional construction, industry development, service systems, technological innovation, and talent cultivation. (Max. 10 winners)

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; IFF Global Green Finance Award

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