I need opportunities!! Pleaase Help me Joe!

How are you? hope everything is fine with you.I am a 20 years old Moroccan student of English language and literature at the University of Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech by the end of June 2009 I will get my BA in English Language and literature. Still, I have a hard time finding opportunities a long with university to express my self, develop my communication and leadership skills like exchange programs, internship or workshops ...etc. Anything that would help me better my experience and make my CV more interesting. I so want to thank you for your great newsletters.I want to ask you for a a favor .I want you to give me an advise and guide me to an activity that would solve my problem. I am truly looking forward to your reply. I am sure it will be helpful to me.


Kindly check for internships so that you can work to enrich your CV. Advance Africa do list a number of internships so have some time to check and apply for them


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